ZORRA Call – SATURDAY, May 19, 2018

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8:30 AM PST, 9:30 AM MST, 10:30 AM CST, 11:30 AM EST

“Awakening is about raising your vibrational frequencies and consciousness through endless Love that will connect you with your Higher Self to remember and know that you are Gods and Goddesses.” ~ Saraiya

Dear beloved Godesses and Gods,

Keep yourself centered and grounded and do not allow anything to divert or distract you from your mission or Ascension. Every day remind yourself of your purpose as a Starseed/Lightworker. One step to take towards this path is to learn and be totally aware of everything you do from moment to moment. This means your every thought, word, attitude and action is of great importance. Through this exercise, you will then see that “time” as you have been taught to know is just an illusion. That is 5D knowing. This is a process of bridging 3-4D thinking to 5D knowing. This is part of the path to enlightenment.

Also, know, that you don’t have to wait for the Galactic Wave of Love Awakening to occur to reach enlightenment. You can have full consciousness and full awakening in the present if your desire is strong enough and focused to do the work(joy) to achieve this.

What is on many people’s minds? Yes, it is still the big question of where is your blessings. Each of you beloveds have been waiting for prosperity (your RV), GESARA, NESARA, world peace, joy and harmony besides perfect health and great abundance. We tell you again that all is transpiring as we speak. Know however, that absolutely, you have an enormous role in the manifestation of these great events.

Everything starts with you. Step back a moment and reflect to yourself the following. “What have I done to assist in bringing these many blessings to reality. Your part in staying on course is to keep raising your vibrational frequencies and consciousness levels. Remember that each of you and what you think, allow or do counts greatly in affecting your Collective Consciousness.

On a daily basis, schedule a portion of your existence to devote in silence and go within. The practice of meditation is the way to connect with your Higher Self (God-Goddess Self). The more you meditate, the more enlightened you are to being fully Awakened in the knowing that you are full 5th dimensional Galactic beings and fully realized Gods and Goddesses.

Know that you are the Masters, Creators, Inventors etc. who have come from many different parts of the Galaxies and Universe and now is your moment in this existence to complete your journey of assisting in the Ascension of Terra Christa and all upon her.

WE ARE ONE and it is the NOW, the Moment that you have been waiting for!

Saraiya and Zorra

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Today’s call will be wonderful as it is full of information and lots of Love vibrations! We are starting early since we have much to cover. Zorra starts off the show with the updates.

He will be followed by 2 special guests who will share the importance of health and wellness by providing us information about New seed products by Rain Intl. They are Dr. Christina Cook and and Russ Cowley, VP.

Then we have asked Dr. Russell Johnson to speak briefly about the how to form non-profit organizations and or foundations to help you in preparation for the RV etc.

In addition:

Dr. Johnson has a call today, May 19th at 3PM EST

Special guest Lynda Jane Selina – Medium, Psychic, Intuitive
Website: http://blogtalkradio.com/publicbroadcastnetwork
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LOVE to All

What a wondrous, glorious and loving NOW, it is!


HENOnce again, we were alerted to connect with Ashtar, Sananda and Prime Creator for updates. These messages are a direct follow-up to the extraordinary message Sananda was eager for us to post on May 1: http://www.EarthAscends.com – Click on FEDERATION – May 1 – Sananda – Activating the Andromedan Stargate.

This message begins our education about the real reason we are here. The incredible Mission that started 6.5 million years ago when the 144,000 responded to the Clarion Call. And today, that number encompasses 45% of Earth’s surface population. What are we doing that “… no one has done before? That offers NO experienced guidance? That we just learn as we go – tripping over our own feet?” And WHY? Our current frustration pales, as we awaken to the magnitude of the project we are accomplishing – never before done – affecting our entire Universe. Yes, we have come back from 20 million years in the future to REWRITE this timeline! — Also: Was Sananda crucified? Or not? – What about Jade Helm? Martial Law? A sting? Are our diets changing our bodies to crystal silicon? Why are some of us surrogates? What is the Harmonic level required for Ascension? Are we still doing the Training Exercises?

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On Saturday’s call, we read our Plea to Prime Creator – Later in the call, Zorra told us, “Prime Creator has heard your plea and will act accordingly.” Source

On yesterday’s call, Zorra told us Prime Creator had sent his emissary, Archangel Michael (in human form) to the UN. Source

Thank you, One and All, for letting your desires be heard, as a collective, by Prime Creator!  It all began just after that!

And thank you, Beloved Prime Creator for hearing and acting on our Plea!


Mr. Cohen of the US Treasury and new head of the Bush Cabal was instructed by Bush 41 to release the RV. The Republic President General Carter Ham persuaded Bush 41 to cooperate.On what authority would a private citizen Bush 41 be allowed to instruct the treasury dept. — Unless that treasury is owned by the cabal! Time for the Republic Treasury to step in. Iraq is about to announce the RV for worldwide distribution. Source

PLANS are for a same time announcement of the RV, Gold Backed currency and Republic. May be today!

Hollow Earth Network Source

*Bloggers Note* Of course I don’t post about all that I see or read, some of it would certainly have readers on the edge of their seats.. in fear, in disbelief and awe.. But the way to non ignorance is education, that is part of my mission here to share information to help you the reader understand! But don’t just take my word or that of any other as gospel.. seek out the truth for your self.. Love, Peace & Blessings.. Namaste’ A’HO Spiritual Warrior