Oracle Report – Thursday, October 16, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: completion
Moon in Leo

– Skill: respond to opportunities

– Negative Imprint: obsession, reliance on that which is not reliable, seeking recognition, denying happiness, gloomy outlook

– Positive Imprint: inspiration, balance, logic, wonder, promises, uniqueness, fulfillment, wishes, revitalization, sunny outlook

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, at 2:37 pm ET/ 6:37 pm UT, the Sun released an M1.1-class flare with coronal mass ejection.

To gain the best understanding of the effects on the energy, we look at the position of the Moon at the time. The Moon was at 10 Cancer, in opposition to Pluto. The Sabian symbol (ancient energetic code) for 10 Cancer is “a large diamond in the first stage of the cutting process.” This symbol speaks to situations taking a long time to develop, coming from a deep place to now be revealed. The edges are polished off and we become faceted beings.

The Gnostic teachings tell us that humanity was never designed for growth within a multi-planet solar system. A system with a Sun, a Moon, and a planet was the intention. But the plan went seriously astray and humanity has operated under the pummeling or “faceting” of their light bodies via the energy of multiple planets. It creates superhumans who learn and create very, very quickly.

But it has also created insanity – a culture cut away from its own nature and its own planet.

The good news is that is all changing. A transformation is occurring. And today, this transformation comes with new opportunities and potentials. Courtesy the Sabian symbol of the position of the Earth today, one of my favorites, “an open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia,” these insights, possibilities, and options “blow” right to us. It’s refreshing energy that clears away things that have become cumbersome. It directs us along a new course.

So be on watch today for what is out-of-the-ordinary. Watch for sightings of animals you don’t usually see. Watch for inspiration to fill a void. Watch for unusual alternatives. This energy is eccentric. It follows its own tune without apology.

Keep your options open, but don’t dismiss opportunities that feel hopeful and exciting. I like the energy of this symbol because it brings good things and good news from out of the blue without the trauma that can accompany surprises and shocks. We are so traumatized by the pummeling of the planets and the manipulation away from the Earth that we wince when we get a whiff of a personal change. You can trust the insights and possibilities that blow in today because they come from the purity of Spirit.

The overall energy is still quite intense today with all that is developing on the global scale. The Sun will conjunct Mercury, which is retrograde, so Mercury retrograde-type of issues will flare. Travel, electronics, and communications (especially electronic communications) may present challenges. We slow down and realize we may have to repeat things, knowing that a better way or better outcome will emerge from it. We need to re-imprint our notion of Mercury’s retrograde as a time of fine-tuning and reworking things to improve them. It’s extra time to reinforce the structure and makeup of things.

Be aware that the “blowing in” themes today and the month-long theme of lunacy could make things go “viral” and “crazy.” Viruses are alive and respond to energy as well. We could see an increase in the number of identified people with Ebola and other infectious agents.

With the Moon’s movement into Leo today, it is also a Black Moon day, so those with the Sun or Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius will experience the third to the last stage of rebirth – two more stages to go before the Black Moon moves in Virgo on November 27th! Everyone’s shadow sides tend to come out for recognition and integration on Black Moon days. Be very aware that your core fear (as indicated by the Black Moon on the day you were born and listed in the Appendix of my book on the Black Moon, available for free on the Books tab at may be triggered. If so, acknowledge it and facilitate the healing process by understanding that the fear is an illusion. It’s a paradox. A trick. Those with the Black Moon in Leo fear change but they are the change-makers. Their energy (and their creations) naturally change the shape, order, and status of things. They enable us to see the world in multiple ways. The fears of the Black Moon are always nonsense because they have us fearing our true nature, distorting the truth of it.

We top off this day of opportunities, options, and possibilities, with Mars moving to the degree of “a bluebird standing at the door of happiness.” By all means, step through the doors that are opening today. In collaboration with the Goddess of the Earth, we are returning wisdom and sanity to the world. As the arduous process unfolds, we respond to opportunities as they are presented. Today brings such things.

Happy day, everyone. Find beauty. Find the bluebird of happiness. Find what is trying to reach you. It’s mind blowing.

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Oracle Report – Friday, October 3, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action
Moon in Aquarius

– Skill: receive knowledge, information, insight

– Negative Imprint: control issues, greed, robbing, expanded militarization, assuming one is smarter than everyone else, disbelieving, unable to accept or recognize, the past returns and demands payment

– Positive Imprint: well-arranged, new perspectives, teaching, finding inner self and inner power, “downloading” spiritual information, treasuring others, experience, wisdom

Class is in session today as the School of Life teaches us lessons, brings clarity, and imparts wisdom. What will you understand by the end of the day?

Very powerful astrological aspects are brewing in the sky for full expression on Saturday. Mercury will station retrograde on Saturday and many of the planets will ring with angles. We feel this building today. Situations, circumstances, and conditions will present opportunities for growth, but they may not seem so appealing at first. This is because it is new. We are unfamiliar with them, which produces a certain amount of angst and anticipation of possible pain. We focus on the potential for pain or loss because we are a traumatized species.

We are better served by viewing this as angst and anticipation of an adventure. When you have divine beings alongside, it is an adventure, not a struggle. We engage the mystery and magic of life instead of the pain and paranoia.

The Gnostics teach us that the name of the divine being that is our Sun is Sabaoth. Yesterday, Sabaoth delivered a message with an M7.3- class flare with coronal mass ejection at 3:01 pm ET/7:01 pm UT.

The Gnostics (via a group known as the Sabians) deciphered a code of heavenly energies, and this code has been returned to us. The code is known as the Sabian Symbols and it forms the basis for all of the work here at Oracle Report.

The energy of the Sabian symbol for 23 Capricorn was amplified at the time of the CME. This symbol is “a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.”

Have you felt like a soldier lately? Have you felt like you have been in combat?

Apparently Sabaoth does. And the energetics since the Full Moon of the Leo cycle (August 10, 2014) have been exceptionally intense. Things are happening fast and chaos is trying to be pumped up within the collective. When chaos is stirred, new things can emerge. Order can be molded out of the chaos. Wise owls understand this attempt to manipulate, seeing it for what it is.

Interestingly, the planet Eris and the asteroid Pallas Athena, both archetypal combat goddesses, were in square to the Moon at the time of the CME. Energetically, these two energies “bestowed” the two awards of the Sabian symbol. They are rewards of recognition for the inner fortitude that has been required to hold the line and then to respond to the energies. They are appreciation for a job well done.

Some will respond to the building intensity today by going in a million different directions. Energies become scattered, rushed, pushy, domineering, and greedy. Road ragers will be in full effect. We acrobatically maneuver around this, focusing on receiving the pearls of wisdom and messages of inspiration that are destined for us today. The events surrounding them are merely a context for expression, so take the message from what is being shown to you. You have eyes to see and ears to listen, so don’t be distracted by the drama of the matrix.

Stay mindful that class is in session today, regardless of the environment, and receive the instruction.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

What the Guides Have Whispered – August 7th 2014

The Intuition Page - the Old Man on the Bench

Woke up with a very insight to share with all of you …. I asked about war – and sadness – and destruction – and what we can do to make it better…

I received this answer – Anne : it’s no longer about the six degrees of separation – you have to realize that you are ALL connected … from the smallest ant to the biggest elephant – human kind included. So, while you may not be able to ‘directly’ affect what goes on in other lands – your actions WITH and IN your immediate surroundings reverberate throughout the Universe – at all times. Thoughts – actions words – intentions – are all strong and powerful. So be strong. Be gentle. Be positive. Share hope and Love . And watch the World change itself – you included …..

Something for us to ponder and share – for sure ……

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