Archangel Michael on Mad Rushing Post-Reval

January 12, 2017 by Steve Beckow

My recent venture into micro-finance gave me many glimpses into what life would be like after the Reval. I found myself in unknown territory and learned many things that will assist me later.

I spoke with Archangel Michael about it in a reading I had with him through Linda Dillon on January 3, 2017. I know he wants me to share what he said. Thank you to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: Well, I’ve had my preview of the Reval. It certainly allowed me to do a kind of test run and look at spreadsheets and other financial things.

What do you want me to do now? What’s next, Lord?

Archangel Michael: It is a very important step. In fact it is critical to the completion of all of this: Breathe!

Did you not note – you could not help but note – that during this prelude the feelings of chaos, even in the most positive of senses, (1) have permeated your very core?

Steve: Oh yes, indeed.

AAM: And then you have allowed the feelings of chaos from others around you to also penetrate your core and the feeling of overwhelm, of dizziness has made you feel under exceptional pressure rather than joyful. So while the joy was there, it was clouded. (2)

It is important for you to know and to realize – and especially in your small group – that this [feelings of chaos] is what so many human beings are, and will, be experiencing and this is also why our strong encouragement to not rush anything has been so important. (3)

Now I say this: The level of heart and mind and physical commitment to the creation of Nova Earth in the Lightworker, Loveholder community is extraordinary and extraordinarily strong and there has been a sense of impatience and of waiting ad nauseum.

On our side everything is in order! But on the human side it has been exceptionally important that every single item be organized correctly and you cannot even begin to imagine the number of variables. We are not just talking about the multitude of mechanical, political, social, and economic things that have need to be addressed.

The energy from our perspective, having dealt with many of the minutia, and helping humans deal with the minutia, also has to be addressed. And by and large it has been.

In their eagerness to create Nova Earth, there will be this mad rush and the mad rush does nothing but create confusion and the feeling of inner chaos and therefore outer chaos. Inner mayhem, inner pressure, outer pressure, outer overwhelm and on and on with the list.

I bring this to the forefront for discussion because it is important that this insight be shared. …

We are not being critical of any of this but [succumbing to the chaos post-Reval] is something that those who are bestowed funds, one way or another, have need to be aware of.

The Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, myself and Gabrielle are not sitting here with the stopwatch to see how fast you can leap to action.

Steve: But some light workers will be.

AAM: That is why you are going to tell them. I have made a jest in saying that your next assignment is to breathe. But I am not joking when I say, the very first assignment in the RV is to breathe.

It is not to be rushed. It is to be done in thoughtful, self-considerate action.

This is an unfoldment of a Golden Age. It does not happen in a week or a month.

Steve: I had resolved to follow your advice not to make any purchases the first week but just to sit but it became seemingly important to buy a new computer at one point.

That utterly threw me off. Instead of being available to what was happening, I was going down to Apple and trying to get this computer to work, transferring files, going out in post-Christmas crowds buying adapters, etc.

Next time, when the Reval happens, thanks to this preview, I will wait a week before I do anything.

AAM: And for most people, we will extend that out to a month because it is the breathing, it is the organizing, it is the physical adjustment to a different set of circumstances [that is important].

You cannot be fully engaged in the shift in energy, in the sense of joy, and be worried about whether you are buying a computer or buying a house or buying a nation. That will not do.


(1) Chaos can result from positive as well as negative events. A flurry of buying activity after the Reval can introduce a note of chaos into our lives at a time when we need to remain calm to handle a massive transition.

Please remember as well that it isn’t just unexpressed grief, frustration, etc., that can be an upset; unexpressed joy can also be an upset.

(2) What Archangel Michael calls joy, I call bliss. So, if we want the joy to be unalloyed, we might do well to lean towards meditation rather than towards consumption.

(3) After the Reval, don’t rush into arrangements.


Matthew Ward on the Nature of Light

January 31, 2017 by Steve Beckow

I’m moving today and wanted to repost an excellent discussion from Matthew Ward on the nature of light.

I don’t think I’ve read as wide-ranging or informative a discussion contextualizing so many things that we study.

Notice his contention that carbon-based bodies have DNA containing electrons and crystalline bodies have DNA containing photons.

Now we shall do our best to comply with the request that we give “a simple scientific explanation of light and how it affects a civilization.” Light, which is the same energy as love, is the essence of Creator, Source of everything in existence. Light is the most powerful force in the cosmos, the entirety of consciousness, the ingredient of souls, and the life force of every living entity. Even the peak of the dark forces has a spark of light; otherwise, it would not exist.

Light comes into this universe through its Supreme Being, whom you may call God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh or any other name; and everything is universally connected by and within this energy. Therefore spirit, which is considered faith, and science, which is considered fact, are one and the same: light fluctuating at one frequency or another.

But let us return to the Beginnings of all life throughout the cosmos. Creator’s first expression of Itself created the Christed realm and the first souls, the archangels. The realm itself and the archangels are pure light. At an unknown time, Creator endowed the archangels with the gift of free will and its companion, the power of manifestation—that is, they could use Creator’s energy to make whatever they imagined, and in their first co-creational process, they made the next level of angels and gods and goddesses. Those souls also were pure light.

At some point the archangels had the idea of making physical forms for souls who desired it—that was the origin of DNA and the elements of bodies’ “building blocks.” Within the DNA were photons, which continuously absorb and radiate the light that produces bodies with crystalline cells that contain cosmic consciousness and have the ability to live in the vibrations of the highest celestial planes.

Eventually some souls whose negative deeds dropped them from the light used their free will to downgrade the DNA of newer, less-experienced civilizations. The changes made dense bodies with DNA containing electrons, which have much less light and vibrate at much lower frequencies than photons. The reduction in light caused corresponding reductions in those civilizations’ consciousness, brain functioning and life span. They lost all knowledge of their Beginnings, their weakened bodies were vulnerable to disease, and their temperaments included fear and all of its negative byproducts like cruelty, greed, anger, lust for power, unjustness, impoverishment, divisiveness and hatred—hatred is not the opposite of love, it is the absence of love, or light. Those are the conditions of third-density civilizations.

It is not that no bodies on Earth have photons, and an unimaginable quantity is in the atmosphere. But electrons are dominant in the vast majority of your populace—that is why they are lagging in awakening spiritually and consciously—and throughout your world—that is why you have electric and electronic appliances and pay to use them instead of having photons’ “free” energy. The way to ascend into planes where photons outnumber electrons is by increasing the amount of light in the collective consciousness.

Energy is neutral. It is the thought forms that get attached to energy streamers that are positive—with light—or negative—without light. The forms are created by every being’s thoughts, feelings and actions, and collectively those determine a civilization’s density, or spiritual and conscious evolvement status. That is one universal definition of density; the other is mass or the location of a mass, and the two don’t necessarily go together. That is why Earth, a fifth-density soul spiritually and consciously, can be in the initial stages of fourth-density location-wise and most of her people are at third-density evolvement status. Animals and plants are absorbing more light than most of humankind; at this moment, the light in people varies from brilliant to just enough to keep bodies alive.

Now then, every person and every thing in your world emits vibrations in consonance with each form’s consciousness level, and that is determined by the amount of light in each. The atoms in inanimate objects—say a pebble, football, nail and chair—have minimal consciousness; exceptions are crystals and gold, which have a high degree. The consciousness level of soil is higher than objects and so is that of slugs, worms and short-lived insects; higher on the scale are the species of insects that have a well-developed hierarchy and clearly-defined working system within it. (Matthew’s Message, Aug 3, 2014.)


Sink Each Other’s Ships, Launch Bluebeam?

February 1, 2017 by Steve Beckow

As we confront what feels like harsh action and a lack of compassion from the new regime in Washington, I look around for guidance or commentary from our channeled sources.

I’d like to repost commentary from Blossom Goodchild’s Federation of Light sources. They addressed the chaos of these times in some depth back in November. Their discussion took an unexpected turn:

“There is a mass stirring within the soulself as to what will become of this Great Land that is known as the ‘United’ States.

“Would you now call them united? We think not! The energy that is befalling that country is that of which we could describe as a very large mixing bowl of many ingredients … that do not fare well to create a culinary delight!! There is far too much bitterness involved and when we say ‘stirring the pot’ … we mean it in a GIGANTIC way!” (1)

They warn us that this level of chaos may continue for several months.

“This is what we have been speaking of as to the ‘topsy turvy world’ that is unfolding over the coming months. We have been preparing you for this and we would say that this is just the starting line.

“So much will be revealed in the most unexpected ‘Game’ that is about to ensue. One playing off another and yet both/all parties allowing themselves to be ‘put on the spot’ unbeknownst to them, in a sense … and creating each other’s ‘opportunities’ to open up Pandora’s box. Due to the ongoing battle between those that want to be shown as BEING IN POWER … they will be sinking each other’s ships … so to speak.”

We’ve heard repeatedly that all players have damning evidence on all other players (the CIA, Russia, China, etc.). The Federation of Light is suggesting that they’ll all launch their missiles at each other and sink each other’s ship.

They warn us that what is to unfold will shock and repulse people.

“A little hard to grasp yet I get what you are saying … although, I don’t know obviously what ALL these reveals will be!

“And we cannot tell you. Yet, we will tell you, as we have done so before … that what is to unfold will shock and [repulse] … ALL PEOPLE. For even those who think they know what we are speaking of … do not know … not to the fullest extent … that which shall be opened up and offered to the public ear … and eye.

“This is why we say to you very strongly …


“We do not wish to scare, for this is not why we are here. Yet, we do say, it is imperative that you summon your Highest Good/Power and stay True to it. For there shall be much trickery imposed that shall present as truth … and it shall cause much confusion to those who cannot/do not see through its guise.”

Is that a powerful and difficult assignment! What could they be talking about?

Blossom pushes them to reveal what the shocking event might be and discovers that it’s the alien-invasion scenario (Project Bluebeam) that the military-industrial complex has been planning since the 1970s.

“Stepping out big time here … are you speaking of a false flag … i.e. an alien invasion that has been spoken of, yet, it is actually to be conducted by the elite of our world?

“You have hit the nail on the head. Have not movies come about [it] as another ingredient to stir the pot … or would we say ‘plot?”

Project Bluebeam may not be a concern for many people looking at the newly-installed President closing down Obamacare or placing global gag orders on women’s health organizations. But it will become so as soon as it happens.

It sounds as if we have our work cut out for us in the weeks and months ahead, independent of whatever other events we may be following.



(1) All quotes from “Federation of Light: November 18, 2016, channeled by Blossom Goodchild” at

Archangel Michael: Disclosure in Tandem with Reval

November 16, 2015 by Steve Beckow

I asked Archangel Michael to give us an update on Disclosure in a personal reading I had with him, through Linda Dillon, on Nov. 11, 2015.

He reported that it’s very near and that interference with it would not be permitted.

There was a reported mass decloaking over Los Angeles in the last few days.  While we cannot respond to all tips we receive because of a shortness of staff, we welcome your tips on Disclosure videos. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Is there anything you wish to say publicly about the increasing visibility of the galactics and the prospects of disclosure?

AAM: Disclosure is very close and it is already underway. Understand that this is in tandem also with the reconstitution, the Revaluation, the entire shift in what you think of as the reality of everyday life on Earth.

So they are making themselves more visible in real and portrayed ways. It matters not.  What they are doing is readying the human populace for their presence in everyday life.

Not simply as a sighting. Not simply as a collective of starships gathering on the horizon. But simply in the visibility of them in the sky, on the planet, in the stores, in government, in every single way.

You have been invited to join with them in a sacred union of Gaians and Intergalactics and Galactics and so they are making sure that you are ready for that role.

Steve: Now the Cabal, or whoever it is, are busy saying, “Oh no, no, no, that’s a meteor. That’s a balloon” or whatever. They are just trying to stop us from connecting with the Galactics, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, because the Galactic forces have made it very clear that they will brook no interference at this time.

Now, if we back up a little bit, you know that because of the fear factor among the general populace, that your star family was hesitant to make themselves known. Because they did not wish to contribute, and will not contribute, to the mayhem and chaos upon sweet Gaia.

Now, they also did not wish to create a situation, which was very clearly threatened, where those with warheads and other offensive weapons would be targeting them.

They are not in danger of ever being annihilated by a nuclear warhead, a sound transmission, an energy, or an electromagnetic field.

But the danger has been that those nuclear warheads are being observed by humans and that that would increase the fear factor.

Now humans, and, yes, we speak of the collective and we know there are always percentages, but the humans in fact are more open and more at peace within their very hearts with the idea of Star/Galactic/Intergalactic/Inter-species Beings.

Now the first wave, shall we say (and the first wave has already been on planet for some time), but what you think of as the first wave, are all very humanoid. So their fear in terms of differentiation is not significant.

Now, having said that, governments and military forces that would wish to engage in what they would call defensive/offensive manoeuvres, have been clearly, we use the word “warned”, that such actions and behaviours will not be permitted.

So there is, if we can say the word, an “accord” – that is the word that is used by those on planet and those of the Intergalactic Counsel – that there will be no defensive/offensive manoeuvres.

Because there is an absolute knowing, in what you would term as the powers that be, that your friends come in peace, harmony, bearing gifts of science, technology, healing. And healing – immediate healing – of as what you can think of as the seven major diseases of Earth.

And those are cancer, all auto-immune deficiencies, including viral inflammations, Parkinson’s, ALS [Lou Gehrig Disease], Hodgkin’s, Ebola – this of course includes includes HIV and AIDS – Alzheimer’s, dementia because those are different ends of the spectrum, but also leprosy, all breathing deficiencies and a plethora more.

S: That’s impressive! Is this for publication?

AAM: Yes, you may publish this.

This channeled material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, 2015, Inc. and is used with permission.