Join us for a Global Peace Meditation


12:00 Noon Pacific/ 7:00pm GMT
on Sunday September 21 for the
International Day of Peace.

There is a timezone conversion chart here:

We also invite you to gather in your communities at 12:00 Noon in your time zone to create a wave of peace moving across our planet.

Sign up for the audio broadcast with a guided meditation and messages from spiritual leaders and peace activists at:

Send us your photos of how you choose to #bethepeace to Unify’s facebook page, or share with the hashtag #bethepeace on social media.

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About the Unify World Peace Campaign

world-peacePlease join us for a Global Synchronized Meditation at 12 noon Pacific on September 21st on the International Day of Peace. This year there is an unprecedented wave of activity emerging as hundreds of organizations are hosting marches, musical celebrations, meditations and other events. See the map below to find something awesome happening in your region. If there isn’t something happening already, create an event and be a part of the Global Unified Field of Peace!


every-SundayTime has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach for the ultimate degree of unity and cooperation to assist the planet in its healing and transformation. Therefore, the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together, in synchronicity, for creating a powerful field of positive energy.

The time for the Planetary Meditation has been set to 3pm GMT every Sunday. Currently, this is 11pm in Taiwan, 6pm in Cairo, 5pm in Central Europe, 4pm in UK, 11am in New York, 10am in Houston, 9am in Denver and 8am in Los Angeles.
You can check the time for your location here:

To create the most coherent resonance field, it is important for everyone to meditate at the appointed time, doing your own meditation as you feel guided.

The critical mass for this meditation to have its desired effect is approximately 118,000 people worldwide in unified focus. If we consider that human concentration and meditation skills are not perfect, 144,000 people will assure the critical mass.

You are welcome to share, invite and help by making this event go viral so we reach millions of people and the critical mass necessary will be attained.

Open Letter to All Meditation Groups on the Planet

August 17, 2014

(Cobra) Time has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach a new degree of unity and cooperation, regardless of our personal differences, to assist the planet in its transformation. Therefore the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together and create a powerful field of positive energy.


The idea is to have a worldwide meditation once a week at the same moment, where all groups and individuals can do their own meditation in their own way. If we are all meditating at the same moment, a very powerful coherent resonance field is created that can really start transforming our collective reality. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help transforming human lives worldwide:

There have been many meditation initiatives lately:

Imagine the power of all those meditation initiatives combined together, regularly, once a week!

The only thing we need to do is to set the right time and start inviting meditation groups to join the initiative!

You can start sending this to all meditation groups that you know!

I would suggest Saturday or Sunday around 8 pm GMT for the timing, as this time frame is the most suitable for most time zones on the planet. Weekly planetary meditations need to happen at the same moment in time every week for all participants to gain cyclic momentum and to reach the critical mass for the planetary transformation. If you have any suggestions for the right timing, send them to .

If your meditation group would like to join the initiative, send your suggestion for the timing and the estimated number of weekly participants to .

Updates about the Weekly Planetary Meditation: