Mayan Messages – Mirror Images

Mayan-MessagesMIRROR IMAGES Every person you meet, every experience you have, every thought you think, every animal or plant you encounter has the ability to mirror a message to you.

You have the ability to change anything in your life, including your emotions, in the twinkling of an eye. Just as no one can make you happy, only you can keep yourself from experiencing happiness each moment of your life. Everything is simply an attitude away.

How can you change your attitude and maintain a positive outlook in all situations? Through diligence, observation and choice. This is why the work of moving through fears and belief codes is of utmost importance. Until you release the blocks that keep you locked into low-level energies and attitudes, you will miss myriads of joyous opportunities.

You will begin to see life in an uplifting new perspective once you release all judgments and impediments. Free yourself from emotional blocks and energize yourself with thoughts of love while filling your body with healthy foods, and you will have more energy than you know what to do with!

Stop yourself when you find that you are retelling stories from past traumas, they only re-energize the scenario, sapping your energy. Do you wish to drain your battery with low-level endeavors or to energize your battery with high-level feelings of love and gratitude? The choice is yours. Choose wisely. Etznab 9

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Mayan Messages – Shine Your Light

by Theresa Crabtree

Mayan-MessagesSHINE YOUR LIGHT   Your Spiritual roots are created from pure love. There is nothing in the world that does not come from the inspiration of pure love. We know this is difficult for many to grasp when you look around and see all of the experiences of Not-Love.

We understand that it is hard for you to exist in such a place. As your veils of amnesia lift, it becomes even harder to remain on the Earth. Yet we ask you to have patience, for there is much that you can do to assist with the changes that are currently taking place.

Many Lightworkers have come to the Earth at this time to assist in returning the Earth to her pristine state. Although the Earth was pristine at the time of her original creation, she and her inhabitants are now beginning to vibrate at a much higher frequency. This means that those who cling to lower frequency aspirations will not be able to maintain their goals of Not-Love experiences.

You, as a Lightworker, have the ability to pressure those in leadership positions to make the changes you wish to occur on Earth. There is power in numbers and as you unite with each other, with common goals, your voice will be heard. Many of your industries will crumble overnight if each of you simply says, “No more!” and stop feeding the monster. As you bond together and boycott the industries that are harmful, these corporations will either crumble or scramble to restructure.

With the advent of the personal computer and accessibility of the internet, the truth can be told across the world in a moment. As more people step forward with the truth, they have the ability to offset mass marketing and reach those people who are being misled. Part of the work of each Lightworker is to reach those in your network.

Perhaps you are the only one who can influence your parents, your siblings, your friends and acquaintances. Take your role seriously by educating yourself and others. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are an important ambassador with the ability to help others create a world of peace and joy.  Selamet!  Caban 8,  Day 177

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Mayan-MessagesRELINQUISH JUDGMENTS When you in release the judgments you hold against yourself, you will also readily release the judgments you hold against others. When you live from a base of non-judgment, your life indeed will become truly magnificent.

Judgment separates you from each other. It creates feelings of worthlessness and “better than thou.” These belief codes are extremely detrimental to unconditional love. They come from low density energy and make it difficult to attain higher vibrational levels of love and gratitude. Be prepared to release these judgments by going within and paying attention to how you treat others. Some of these judgments have become so common, they may not be easily identified by you. The way to find them is to pay attention to any thoughts you have in which you see any person, place or event as better or less than you. Understand that you are all One and seek ways to merge with all others energetically.

This can best be done by releasing fears and thoughtforms that create space between you. Relinquish the need to be right and the need to get others to be on your side. These are the very thoughts that keep you separate. Understand that everyone has the right to choose their own experiences. Instead of finding ways you are different, begin to have conversations in which you find ways in which you are alike.

No two of you embrace identical belief codes. This knowledge releases you from the need to persuade others to follow your beliefs. Accept differences the same as you would expect a library to be full of various books. Each of you is a living library and like books, each has a different cover and story to tell. Although there are many genres of books, each story within the genre is unique. There may be some books you have no interest in reading when you are young, that you find fascinating as you mature. It is the same with people. There are some you find no common ground with, perhaps your entire lifetime, yet they are of worth to others.

We encourage you this day to greet all with a smile, looking into their eyes. Acknowledge their presence and worth by making a heart connection and send loving thoughts from your heart to theirs. Know they are of the same value as you, no matter which path each of you are currently walking. Thank those who have assisted you or are helping others. A little gratitude goes a long way when spoken with a sincere heart. Encourage each other to continue on their Path, empowering rather than enabling them. Thus, you will be better suited to move more gracefully into creating Heaven on Earth. Selamet! Ix 5

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Mayan Messages – WALK IN NATURE

Mayan-MessagesWALK IN NATURE Go into Nature or a place of peace and reflect on changes you would like to make in your life. Get away from the busy-ness of the day and clear your mind.

Choose a problem or habit you would like to change. Formulate a plan of action and take the first step towards making the change you desire.

Face a fear; overcome a challenge. Choose a different fear each day of your life until you have cleared all obstacles that keep you from being the kind and peace-filled person you long to be.

Always be grateful for blessings that come your way, even those hardships that have hidden blessings. Demonstrate your love and compassion for others by being a role model. Love your Self fully so you can energetically rise to new levels of awareness. Smile and be happy! Chuen 2, Day 171

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EXPRESS GRATITUDE As you go through your day, pay attention to all that is going on around you and say, “Thank you.” Whether you express the gratitude orally or mentally is of no consequence. What is important is to FEEL gratitude in your heart and express it by making a heart connection.

When issues that are unpleasant crop up, pay special attention and feel gratitude for the experience. These are your challenges. Once you overcome viewing them as negative or obstacles, you are well on your way to maintaining higher energetic frequencies.

Love and gratitude are partners, one cannot exist without the other. Practice receiving and giving gratitude for everything that occurs in your life until it becomes a habit. Go forth today and be grateful for every moment and every opportunity that arises before you! Selamet! Muluc 13

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The Mayan Messages – Greet Everyone: Day 166, Cimi 10

Posted February 15, 2015 by Theresa Crabtree

Mayan-MessagesGreet each person with a smile while making eye contact. Release all judgments towards others. Focus on the knowledge that every person you meet is created by the same Source that created you. See everyone as an equal, as part of you.

Whenever it is appropriate, tell the people you interact with that you appreciate them. Notice every person that comes into your visual field. Pay attention to ways you may be of assistance. A simple nod or smile can make a positive difference in a person’s day.

Notice people’s reactions. There will be some who are uneasy and avert their eyes from you. Others may grunt an acknowledgement in return. Some will markedly brighten. No matter how they react towards you, be mindful not to judge them. Do not allow yourself to become unbalanced if anyone acts in a way that you feel is inappropriate.

This exercise is for you, to assist you in paying attention, honoring and respecting all people. You would do well to repeat this exercise every day until it becomes habitual. Try it; you’ll like it!

Selamet!  Cimi 10

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Mayan Messages – YOU ARE LOVED

Mayan-MessagesYOU ARE LOVED Each of you comes from Source. At one point, we all were a part of the energy that Source is. We cannot describe to you the beauty of this energy, for we ourselves have no full remembrance of how it was before we separated from Source. However, we know that the Dimension between where you currently reside and where we are is separated by a huge chasm of difference in the understanding of this Love.

We wish to impart to you the knowledge that you are fully loved by Source and us. There is never any judgment. Once you have detached from the Earth Realm, judgment does not exist except in other planes where this was created as part of their experience.

Speak to your Masters who reside on the Earth, they know this is true. They are the ones closest to understanding the true nature of the universe. You will know these Masters for they are meek and kind and spend much of their time in introspection and praying for the world. Their lives are devoted in service to mankind, never asking for payment, for they know all their needs will be met.

Read their writings, learn their ways and integrate those aspects that increase your capacity to love, unconditionally. Simplify your life so you will have increased time and energy to devote to those things that pull at your heart.

When you are feeling depressed or low, place your focus on the many blessings in your life. Fill your Being with the high-energy frequency of gratitude. This alone can easily bring you back into balance. Spend your days focusing on your blessings rather than the chaos surrounding you and you will regain your energy. Make this a habit.

When something occurs that pushes your buttons or creates fear, face it and overcome it as soon as possible. Sometimes this can best be accomplished when you “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Feel brave, act brave, speak bravely and soon you will overcome the dragon of fear you have created inside yourself.

Focus on your blessings and change the things that keep you from experiencing love. Know that you are loved and worthy of all you desire. Although you may be temporarily removed from Source, it is your soul’s desire to be granted this opportunity. Although much of what occurs on Earth is unpleasant, focus on the good and more good will come to you. This is one of the laws of the universe, “like attracts like.”

Go forth today attracting those things you wish to experience. We support and encourage you and send much love to you! Selamet! Kan 1, Day 144

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