Stop Holding Back And Swing Open The Flood-Gates

Eileen Caddy – 30 December 2016 Findhorn Foundation
eileen-caddyAt this time when the whole world situation is in flux, you will be faced many times with many alternatives, but never let this bewilder you and throw you into confusion. Be still and let the right path unfold before you and then follow it. When you feel something very strongly do not hesitate, just carry it out even if humanly it may appear as crazy. You may not always know the full reason why you are being prompted to do it and may stand on the brink wondering whether to dive in head first or not. If the prompting persists do something about it. Take the step in faith; cease weighing up all the pros and cons. The one who falters is lost at these very critical times, so stop holding back and swing open the flood-gates. Be absolutely fearless in the action you take.

Guidance from Eileen Candy – It Is Your Reaction That Is Important


by Eileen Caddy – Findhorn Foundation

Let your faith be strong and unshakable. Accept each test and trial as part of the strengthening process and learn vital and important lessons from each one instead of fighting against them and resenting them. It is your reaction to them that is important. When you are faced with a severe test, how do you react? Do you feel hard done by, persecuted and feel the whole world is against you and so become bitter and twisted, or do you try to see beyond the test and realise there is something you can learn through it, that by facing it without resentment you will be able to help another soul at some other time because of your depth of understanding and because there is no bitterness in you?