Our Multidimensional 12 Chakra System

by Steve Nobel – 20 Feb 2016

What are Chakras?

steve-noble1Chakras are centres of force that are found in the body and also beyond the physical. The ones in the body are actually situated in the etheric body which is the energetic blueprint for the physical. Chakras are vortexes of energy that create our auric field. There are many different systems that describe the chakras but the one I am talking about here describes a 12 chakra system. Of course there are many minor chakras also such as the ones situated in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the ones located within the eyes and ears. But this article focuses on the major 12 chakras. Activating the chakras is the process of enlightenment, in other words bringing more light and consciousness into the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The chakra system is linked by a vertical energy channel runs from the top of the head, along the spine and down into the core of the earth. This channel also extends up into the heavens and is anchored within our sun, the Galactic sun and the sun at the centre of this Universe. The ideal is to have an open inner channel free from any energetic obstruction and a balanced and fully functioning chakra system. There are many issues that can arise when it comes to this subject, many of these have been covered elsewhere in previous blog posts. As far as this discussion goes I have narrowed the focus to explore briefly what happens when an energy centre is too active/open/stimulated or conversely or when it is underactive/closed/constricted. (This applies to the seven situated in the body and not the ones outside of the etheric body. Here the main issue is that the chakra is dormant so to speak). Spiritual practise tends to wake up all 12 chakras and this process can be greatly speeded up by certain creative visualisation practises. One of the best metaphors to use for a chakra is a flower. This is a good image to use when meditating and bringing in more light into the centre. In the description I have given the standard colour associations with each chakra.

The Seven Major Chakras Located in the Etheric Body:

The Root chakra situated at the base of the spine is about being physically rooted in the body and feeling at home in situations. This is about feeling at home on the earth. Feeling connected to your tribe. Feeling grounded, stable and secure. A balanced root chakra will mean you feel you have sufficient space/territory. The colour normally associated with this centre is deep blood red. Imagine a flower in the perineum area pointing downwards. This flower can be closed like a bud or open in full bloom. When underactive – this generates a sense of being anxious, fearful or nervous, trouble being grounded, issues with money. In extreme cases it can create the experience of homelessness and/or a desire to escape the planet. When overactive – you may be too grounded, overly materialistic, a chronic need for security through having more stuff.

The Sacral chakra is situated in the navel area. This centre is about feeling, pleasure and sexuality. When it is open it is easier to feel intimate with yourself and others. Feelings flow freely and there is emotional and physical expression without you being over-emotional. Sexuality is about pleasure. Imagine a flower pointing to the front and one pointing to the back. The colour of this centre is tangerine orange. Again imagine a flower pointing to the front and another pointing to the back. Underactive – this can create a sense of feeling detached, distant, aloof, stiff, frigid and unemotional. Overactive – over-emotional, over sensitive, emotionally attached to people, the classic party animal, can be overly sexual.

The Solar Plexis chakra is about personal power, will, assertion, feeling in control, self-confidence. This is the centre that generates courage, confidence and helps us take action in the world. The colour of this centre is buttercup yellow. Again imagine a flower pointing to the front and another pointing to the back.Under-active – this creates a sense of being passive and indecisive. A lack of courage. Over-active – this creates an overbearing character, arrogant, controlling, domineering and aggressive.

The Heart chakra is about social interaction, love, kindness and affection. When it is open, you are compassionate and friendly, and you work at harmonious relationships. The colour of this centre is green/pink. The green is about social engagement and the pink is about unconditional love. Again imagine a flower pointing to the front and another pointing to the back. Under-active – a sense of being cold and distant, withdrawn. The heart closes where there is a lack of trust. Over-active – can manifest as suffocating people with your love. Love becomes conditional and a way to control/manipulate others.

The Throat chakra is about communication and self-expression in all forms. This chakra governs talking, writing and all forms of artistic expression. The colour of this centre is sky blue. Again imagine a flower pointing to the front and another pointing to the back. Under-active – can create a sense of being introverted and shy. Not wanting to speak out. Perhaps fear of being too visible in the world. Over-active – the classic chatterbox, speaks too much and at the same time can be a bad listener.

The Third Eye chakra is about the higher faculties of the mind, insight, intuition, inspiration, feeling guided. When balanced and open there is an ability to see beyond appearances. There is an ease with creative visualization. The colour of this centre is indigo blue. Again imagine a flower pointing to the front and another pointing to the back. Under-active – rigid thinking, seeing is believing, not very visual or visionary and not very imaginative.Over-active – here fantasy and even hallucinations are likely. In extreme cases psychosis can occur.

The Crown chakra is connecting to a spiritual practise that has meaning and depth. This is our connection to the higher chakras and to our Higher Self. The Higher Self is the gatekeeper that connects us to our guides on a number of levels of existence. The colour of this centre is violet. This time imagine a flower pointing upwards in the centre of the top of the head. Under-active – no connection to spirituality or a fear to opening to a spiritual path.Over-active – the classic space cadet. Very connected to the light but less connected to Mother Earth.

The Major Chakras Located Outside the Etheric Body

8th Soul Star chakra – Located about 18 inches above the crown chakra. The soul star is the “seat of the soul.” When this chakra is open and connected to the seven within the body then we can begin to access our Akashic Records and also our soul’s mission/higher purpose for this incarnation. See this chakra as a sphere of bright white and rainbow coloured light.

9th Earth Star chakra – Located about a foot and a half below the surface of the ground. It ensures our connection with the earth. This is the centre of Kundalini force which is asleep until awakened by spiritual practise. This centre also connects us to our family line and ancestors.  See this chakra as a sphere of bright coppery/gold light.

10th chakra – This centre does not need to be located in space/time. You can imagine the sun itself is the chakra. This chakra connects us to the monad or oversoul. Connecting with this centre is a major step in our awakening. To connect with the 10th chakra we have extended our inner channel into the core of the sun and stabilised there. This allows us to download light and information through the solar stargate. This centre connects us to the angelic forces that dwell in the sun. This is a powerful step forward in our spiritual evolution. By connecting to this chakra we start to be less affected by the energies around us and more able to influence and shift energetic atmospheres around us.

11th Chakra – This centre does not need to be located in space/time. You can imagine the Galactic sun itself is the chakra. Our solar system revolves around a Galactic centre which, like our solar system, revolves around a sun. You can think of this as the sun behind the sun. This centre connects us to higher angelic forces and masters of light. Not much more needs to be said about this centre right now.

12th chakra – This centre does not need to be located in space/time. You can imagine the Central sun at the heart of our Universe is the chakra. This chakra connects us to the Elohim, angelic master builders. This is our direct connection to Source Energy or God/Goddess All That Is. This is but one universe of countless universes. So long as we are in a physical body this is the highest connection we can make to Source Energy. Not much more needs to be said about this centre right now.
Chakra Release Meditation

For those of you who want to experience the chakras here is a meditation on releasing other people’s energy from your energy bodies and energy centre.

Enjoy. Steve

Evolving and Healing your Heart Chakra

Evolving and Healing your Heart Chakra by Archangel Raphael
Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 30th October 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
natalie-glassonYour Heart Chakra is a space of profound blessings, the truth of the Creator and encourages you to experience the deepest vibration of love you are willing to accept and experience from the Creator. Your Heart Chakra creates a mirror to demonstrate to you who you really are as a sacred soul and the truth of the Creator that is available to you to share upon the Earth.
When working with and accepting your Heart Chakra there is a need to realize that it will reveal to you many aspects of yourself, your most powerful and expressive love, your deepest and most painful wounds and an ability to feel as if you are touching, sensing, embodying and experiencing the Creator.
Your Heart Chakra is a powerful tool which demonstrates to you the many aspects and qualities of your being as a physical and spiritual being. We can recognize the Heart Chakra as a bridge between the inner planes and the physical Earth, every dimension between these levels can be experienced fully through the Heart Chakra. It is true that any energy or aspect of the Creator can be drawn from the Heart Chakra to be fully experienced especially at a physical level; experience is the greatest gift and lesson of the physical level or Earth. It is time to embrace the experiences that the Heart Chakra can convey in order to gain a deeper remembrance and recognition of the Creator.
While your Heart Chakra can demonstrate to you the physical and spiritual aspects of your being, the Heart Chakra of the Creator also known as the Cosmic Heart can convey to you all that is the Creator sharing this with those who are willing to receive. The greatest lesson that your own Heart Chakra and the Heart Chakra of the Creator invite you to experience is your ability to receive from your Heart Chakra the wealth of wisdom, light, love and knowledge it has to share. To receive and accept your own Heart Chakra allows you to receive and accept the Heart Chakras of those around you, as well as receiving and accepting the Heart Chakra of the Creator. With the action of receiving and accepting you begin to allow yourself to exist in the divine flow of the Creator, to be present in every moment and to realize your power.
Everything will flow with ease and perfection allowing life upon the Earth to be experienced as a deep seated joy and process of fulfillment. Through the process of acceptance and receiving you may realize that your Heart Chakra is a reflection of the Heart Chakra of the Creator with the opportunity in this lifetime to become a greater and fuller reflection, embodiment and expression of the Heart Chakra of the Creator.
Pure love exists within the Heart Chakra of the Creator, the same pure love is present within your Heart Chakra except that within your Heart Chakra there are also reflections of yourself as a physical being with your emotions and thought processes, the pain of the present and past lifetimes, as well as the many energetic patterns you have created over lifetimes which embed restrictive and limiting pattern projected into your reality to create a separation from the Creator. Your Heart Chakra shares with you the wealth of who you are as a physical and spiritual being, there is simply a need to approach your Heart Chakra with the willingness to receive and accept all that your Heart Chakra demonstrates to you, realizing that this will lead you to the truth of your being therefore the Creator.
At this time of ascension sitting in peace with a focus upon your Heart Chakra is immensely powerful, I invite you to place the attention of your third eye Chakra into your Heart Chakra repeating for a few moments: ‘My beloved Heart Chakra, I accept and receive you now.’ Then simply allow yourself to breathe deeply in and out through your Heart Chakra, being aware of any insights which may arise.
The process of bringing healing of any form whether you feel discomfort in your Heart Chakra or not, is to first be willing to receive and accept your Heart Chakra as a whole realizing that you may not be able to fully
understand your Heart Chakra.  This can be achieved through simple affirmations of acceptance, speaking lovingly and directly to your Heart Chakra or simply surrounding your Heart Chakra in love allowing it to
penetrate and further awaken your Heart Chakra.
The second process of healing your Heart Chakra is to be willing to recognize the reflections of your physical form in this lifetime and past lifetimes, as well as the emotions and beliefs which are connected within your Heart Chakra.  This is to recognize with love aspects of yourself held within your Heart Chakra and most probably placed there by you which are based upon fear or seemingly are shadows of pain or suffering, these could be labelled illusions. The only way to be accepting is to love your Heart Chakra, recognizing love within your Heart Chakra will allow pains and shadows to come forth into your awareness. The process of any energy moving into your awareness is a movement of release and letting go. Through this process you allow yourself to recognize yourself and truth in the pure love of your Heart Chakra seemingly embodying this energy of purity or more truthfully recognizing something which has always be present. Allowing yourself to recognize shadow aspects within your Heart Chakra support you in accepting your power and deciphering illusions to realize truth.
The third process of bringing healing to your Heart Chakra is to allow your willingness to love your Heart Chakra to transport you into the pure love of your Heart Chakra, recognising that this is the embodiment of the Heart Chakra of the Creator and you have the ability to exist within the Cosmic energies of the Creator’s love. Thus you are allowing yourself to embody and realize the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator in your physical body and reality upon the Earth. This to be experienced as a profound stream of love strongly and continuously emanating from your Heart Chakra core creating feelings and sensations of bliss, as well as a sense of being healed rather than needing healing.
This three step process you are experiencing everyday with and within your Heart Chakra without realizing, it is a process which allows you to recognize your truth and experience it fully. Your truth is that you are a reflection of, as well as an embodiment of, the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator. It is your purpose to receive, embody, express and experience Cosmic or pure love in every moment of your reality supporting and encouraging others to do the same.  The process of healing your Heart Chakra which I have described is to bring you back into full alignment with the truth of your Heart Chakra and the Creator. This is something which is occurring throughout the universe of the Creator, everything is awakening a deeper and greater alignment with the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator. We see this by your soul’s desire to create and experience love upon the Earth within every experience and every person. Manifesting the Era of Love is simply a process of realigning and remembering the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator which is your natural existence and will always bring forth fulfillment.
At this time to support you in understanding the process of seemingly healing, however more truthfully, remembering the purity of your Heart Chakra I, Archangel Raphael, am anchoring a healing vibration which is
specifically for your Heart Chakra. My love vibration can be anchored into your Heart Chakra by my energy at your request. Much of the work of the Ascended Masters at this time is achieved through the anchoring of
templates of light as this creates accelerated healing, awakening and embodiment. I, Archangel Raphael, have created a template of light to be anchored into your Heart Chakra, you can imagine the light as a bright
and vibrant green in the shape of a circle symbolising that love is eternal and continuous. Within the centre of the green circle is a deep pink centre moving into a pale pink light at the very core of the circle. Embedded
into this symbol or shape of light are Angelic Light Keys which are programmed to awaken your Heart Chakra, create a shift of releasing unneeded energies within your Heart Chakra, more powerfully align you
with the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator as well as awakening a deep seated love from within the core of your Heart Chakra. The anchoring of the Angelic Light Keys into your Heart Chakra will create instant
movement and shifts which will impact your entire being.
‘Archangel Raphael, I call upon your Angelic Healing energy to anchor into the core of my Heart Chakra. Please anchor your Heart Chakra Healing Template into my Heart Chakra. I now receive this circle of green
and pink light with its embedded Angelic Light Keys into my Heart Chakra to bring forth the necessary healing, release and alignment with the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator. With your assistance, Archangel
Raphael, I now allow my Heart Chakra to heal becoming the Cosmic Heart Chakra of the Creator embodied within my being. I am supreme love in manifestation now.’
Simply now imagine, sense or acknowledge the template anchoring into your Heart Chakra as my love surrounds you.Please know I am supporting the evolution of your Heart Chakra, your remembrance of the Creator and your creation of love within and around you.
In love eternally,
Archangel Raphael