A Message to Lightworkers – December 4, 2017

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Light Bearers of the New Earth!

We wish to share with you a clear vision of the Light we see Earth adjusting and recalibrating to now, and the effect that Presence is having on Earth’s people and Her vibration.

Understand that you are still in many ways living within a system of mental, emotional, physical, and etheric repression, which though it cannot prevent the growth and empowerment of your consciousness, tends to keep you unaware of that expansion as you move through your day.

This is not unusual; other societies, whether based on ships or space stations, or on planets or stars, have experienced a similar matrix system of control.

What is unusual, is that you are emerging from the depths of one of the worst and most drastic examples of a control system that this galaxy and Universe have yet witnessed.

And that you are coming to attune yourselves to the Light reaching your planet now, and with your planet Herself, more than that system of outer control.

“And how could it be a form of outer control, when it has squashed or directed our awareness, thoughts, feelings, and DNA for millennia?” you may ask.

We say outer control, because it is not inherent to your being, on a soul level, to have no free will, and to be manipulated by some outer force.

And so as this Universe moves into the Satya Yuga, a golden era of Freedom, Peace, Enlightenment, Service to Others, and Divine Love, you have begun to become self-aware in the sense of realizing the puppet strings, and are detaching them from yourself.

This is not a matter of simple political awareness, though that is one component of what you are experiencing.

We speak of political occurrences often, but only as a reference to Earth’s history or contemporary life, and in relation to your increasing strength and individuation from that which has illegally usurped control over Earth life for so long.

That which is political on the planet is not separate from the etheric—that quantum field from which all possibilities and potentials are either borne out into experience or fade back into unmanifest energies.

There have been other attempts, at other moments on Earth’s current timeline, to wrest control of human life out of the hands of those who wrongly took control of it eons ago.

Yet these were not successful, except in the sense of adding to the energetic momentum that has built the events and revelations you see unfolding around you now.

You have seen great teachers come to this Earth, speaking of spiritual precepts and revelation, explaining how energy works, and how thought and inner intention mold energy into outer form and outer events, while demonstrating that which you have considered to be the miraculous.

You have heard or read of them speaking of how all must be based in Love, or fade away to be reborn into another reality, seeking to express itself in a continuously higher form as it moves from one incarnation to another.

That which continues without physical death—that which you call the Ascended—is a life based entirely in Love, in Service to Others, in an integration of mind and heart, until the heart-mind has become the center of individual consciousness—an expression of the higher self, seeking to fulfill the soul mission for which each person incarnates.

Yet you will see many basing their beliefs in Ascension upon a singular notion, or an outer demonstration.

These are often spoken of as the “downfall of the cabal,” or the falsely conceived “currency reval,” or “the end of war” or many other outer events (often just called “the Event”) that signify a sudden energetic shift upon the Earth which is then borne out in physical events that affect group and individual lives around the world.

We would say, that it is of course joyful and positive to believe in the full enactment of NESARA law, of Peace created and maintained everywhere on Earth, of all persons being well-fed and well-educated, of the ill tended to in holistic terms, and of the homeless housed with dignity.

It is of course a positive belief to cheer on the work of those championing the Divine Feminine upon the Earth such as Malala Yousafzai, or of those working the Peace Map timeline, such as Dr M T Keshe.

It is a wonderful form of manifesting and co-Creating, to envision and feel the reality of NESARA being announced upon your televisions, and the end of media and financial exploitation and fraud.

We would simply say, that these are only outer signs, as great as they are, to that which you are already experiencing within yourselves.

Some may call these outer demonstrations miraculous.

We would more view them as the natural outcomes, per the laws of physics, of your beliefs and expectations—that which you claim as your new reality.

We would say also, that the reason why you are claiming this now, is that you are integrating the higher energies now flowing to the Earth, as well as aligning with the energies of the astrological configurations that are carrying you into the Age of Aquarius.

You are realizing that this is you now, and not some far away dream.

The sooner you can stop waiting, and begin to feel that you have already arrived—that you are no longer in a battle, no longer struggling, and no longer stuck in duality—the sooner all that you dream of will arrive as a natural consequence of that which you expect.

Does the entire world have to go along with your good feelings about life?

We would say, that even in the worst monsoon season in a region given to such, you need not fear flooding.

For your belief in your and your community’s safety and well-being will carry you forward to continuing to experience such, and to avoid the disasters others have forecasted, regardless of what appears to be “logical.”

And so, smile at this seeming unawareness of how far you have come, and how far you are now traveling.

For your own vibration is remaking your world, and your own life, into something that past generations—even a younger you—would have once only termed a miracle, a thing for only an Ascended Master.

To which we say, “Yes—you are the Ascending One now. And you are indeed creating that which in the past would have taken tremendous effort, or taken a long time, or not anchored fully into human life, or been called a miracle.”

You are that miracle that reaches beyond your social training, your subconscious patterns, your past lives.

You are the Ascension—you are the Rainbow Bridge itself—and we welcome you to your new life, as the brilliant expressions and demonstrations of Divine Love that you are.

Namaste, friends! You are our family, and we are by your side, always.

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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A Message to Lightworkers – February 24, 2017

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline-Oceana-RyanThe latest guidance from the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends and fellow Light Beings! We are pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again today.

Our writer has been speaking with us about the very great, very perplexing issue of forgiveness and release of judgment.

This issue has probably never been of such importance to Lightworkers, or to humankind, as it has lately become.

The divisive nature of the political environment in many countries at present show several things.

For one, it reveals one of the greatest ploys of the dark hats—to divide and conquer. To set a people against themselves, by engendering the trust and support of one group, and the distrust and resentment of another.

And so you have generally, two camps, regardless of how many political parties a country may possess.

And these two camps are roughly divided between those who believe that obedience to the power structure—what is called conservatism—is paramount at all times, and those who believe that questioning that power structure and constantly holding them to account—what is called liberalism—is the paramount objective.

And we would say, that one wanders into difficult territory, when it is people whom one objects to, rather than ideas, mistaking a person’s beliefs for that person.

For each person is far, far more than their social training, their mental concepts, and even that which they consciously hold in their heart as defining who they are.

This is perhaps, at most, two or three percent of what anyone is.

So that to label someone from their political beliefs—a role they willingly took on before incarnating, for what they would learn from it—is to hold them inside a very small category indeed.

We understand your concerns at present. There are great issues to be faced and dealt with, on your way to Ascending into a New Earth.

And we would, as always, encourage you to envision within your own heart, and encourage others to do the same, that beautiful New Earth in which “winning” is never emphasized over freedom of choice.

Where there are no “losers” or unacceptable people, but only the empowerment of the heart-mind.

Where individuals express their identity and their life path and life purpose freely, without judgment from others.

And we would say, that we understand your consternation, looking out upon a world in which it seems that one-half of the people (it does not matter which half you are looking at) have been deluded, have lost their senses, have forgotten what is important, and are following wrongheaded notions.

It is understandable that in your love and compassion for humankind, for the Earth and all living upon Her, that you would want things to go as you believe would be best for all.

That concern and heartfelt interest is a beautiful and fine impulse, and must never be lost.

And yet, in your preferences and strong statements regarding how things should go, in your labeled views and objections to the status quo, you are unconsciously contributing to the divide.

Now, are we saying that when something happens that you feel should not happen, that you should allow that which you believe is an injustice, and never speak up?

We would say, that you have been given a voice and a heart, and have come here to use them both, and you are using them, that is as it should be.

We only speak to that aspect of your heart-mind that is already planning and beginning to live a fifth dimensional life—is already, in beautiful quiet moments of meditation or connection to the Earth, and moments of heart connection to others, experiencing such.

And we say to that heart-mind, What do you envision here?

What do you wish to build? Have you decided how you will build it?

If you wish for LGBT youth to feel loved and accepted, have you created places in your community where they may come for counseling, for participation in music, art, and theatre, or for group support?

If you wish for women or nonwhites to be fully respected, are you creating support groups for women wishing to have the courage to begin their own organizations? Or to receive counseling, or to engage in positive social action that shores up the freedoms that so many have fought and died for?

If you are concerned for the plight of refugees, have you looked for ways to not only bring them to your shores, but to alleviate the situation in their own countries? Are you envisioning Peace in their countries?

The push “against” does not create what is desired. It in fact creates only more of that which is not desired.

You have heard that when one pushes with ten pounds of pressure against a wall, the wall, in standing and resisting, pushes back with ten pounds of pressure. And so, twenty pounds of pressure is the result, rather than none.

This is a plain way to say that what you wish to build does not come from the ego-mind, from that aspect of you which judges good or bad.

That which you wish to create can only come from the high heart, and the visions you hold in your high hearts. We have seen them, and they are glorious!

We see your vision of fairness, of equality, of love and respect for all.

The beauty of your outcry against injustice—whatever you feel that injustice to be—is the love, concern, and compassion that it is built upon, and that is a tremendous form of the Awakening occurring now across your planet.
We see your belief in the human endeavor toward Ascension, in ways barely dreamt of in literal terms, yet felt by you at every moment.

We see you in your etheric state, as you join us nightly in the higher realms, working to introduce higher vibrational realities into human consciousness.

For you can do much that we cannot, dear ones!

You can do more than we can in your human state, to transform your world, and you are as powerful as we are, if you would realize as much.

And so while the sometimes angry activism you see in a number of countries at present is a beautiful sign of Awakening and higher consciousness, we would say, Do not stop there!

Do not feel that that is the extent of your work, and do not stay in that place of anger for very long, so long that you begin to define yourself by it.

For your visions and your positive statements, beliefs, expectations, and outer steps, are what are building the New Earth.

For that, you do not have to put up a fight.

It is the Peace within your hearts, the assurance and confidence that what you are creating now cannot be taken from you, that is withstanding all outer pressure, and outliving all plans and ploys to create its opposite.

The dark hats have no plan for dealing with an Ascended people, a world of people dedicated to grasping the reality of their innate power to first envision a new world out of a higher Love for all, and then to actively create such.

The lost ones fool themselves into thinking they have a ready response to the forms of empowerment now appearing amongst the human race, but they do not.

That is because the higher energies reaching Earth now, sent not only from your Galactic families and the Angelic realms, but from other planets and stars and configurations in your solar system, and the Great Central Sun Himself, are of a level that these dark ones cannot bear to experience, let alone eradicate.

And so we would say, if you are able to see that judgment and lack of forgiveness toward another is the way of your smaller, third dimensional self, and not your new and far greater self, that that is a great help toward moving beyond the polarity of the old way of doing things.

A great move out of the ruts of the ego-mind, which you are far larger than, even in your supposedly weakest moments.
You are indeed larger than any subject, conundrum, or experience you may be grappling with at present.

So much greater, that we cannot call these “problems,” for in truth, when you are fully realizing your own inner power to create worlds, you have no problems. Only momentary questions, or challenges to be moved through, fully and calmly.

There is no greater law than the Law of Love, which parallels and conjoins with the Law of One, and you are made from such.

And in your realization of your interconnection with All That Is, dear ones—there is your freedom from the very great prison of resentment, judgment, and the futility of belief in separation.

Take a moment and look at an image of someone who appears to be quite different from you, expressing something you could never bring yourself to believe.

Say to them, “I am you, and you are me. We are momentarily playing different roles, you and I. And yet, we are one, and I celebrate this! And I thank you for the Awakening you have spurred on in me, and the beauty of your path.”

We have said many times, that you are never alone.

Set down the shield and the sword—even that which you were born into this world with, many of you—long enough to feel the shifting of powerful winds, auguring the arrival of a new Earth, born first within you, then all around you.

And know that you could not take even one step upon this path without meeting the full compassion, joy, and belief in you that all of us hold at every moment.

We are asking that, as you extend that compassion, even your thanks, to those who appear to be on the other side of the fence, that you extend it to yourself as well.

And so this is your Earth journey—one of learning to love even that which you came here to experience as unlovable.

The great conundrum, yet you hold the key in your own hands, dear ones!

And we are with you, yes—more than you can know.

Namaste, dear ones! For you are on the path to mastery.
Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Message to Lightworkers – Feb 11, 2015

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline-Oceana-RyanThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

We see many millions of you now establishing new and higher levels of inner vibration—which then powerfully affects your outer lives—and we continue to celebrate such, though we understand the pressures you are under now.

We are often asked, for example, how a sensitive person, an empath, is to deal with two great challenges that trouble nearly all Lightworkers.

The first being, How do I deal constructively with the loss and pain experienced by those around me, and by the world in general?

And the second being, How do I deal with the pain of my own past?

This first question is a very great issue, and one that you will have dealt with on varying levels for most of your life.

Even as a child, you noticed those around you who were in trouble—the classmate who always seemed hungry or angry or sad and silent, or whose eyes were often red from crying.

News reports and public service spots showed you images from around the world of those who were struggling to survive against war or hunger, natural disaster, uncured illness, lack of proper housing or education, or other apparently needless forms of suffering.

You often felt the pain of others, as if these were your own problems.

You absorbed their struggle and emotionally—energetically—took it on as your own, as if that would cure or solve or lessen their pain in some way, if you could also carry it.

And yet you know by now that feeling sorrowful for another does not decrease or alleviate their pain.

You have seen that joining another in their grief or shock or depression vibration does not alleviate what they are experiencing—if anything, it only further increases the weight they carry.

You have seen how sitting with a friend who is grieving, your grieving on that same level will not alleviate their pain—they may in fact be sorry to see that you are resonating with their sadness.

Yet you may feel that you are not showing sufficient compassion if you do not sit down and cry with those who are in despair, believing that empathy and kindness require such.

But consider that you are moving beyond experiencing sadness and pain now, for any reason, and that the excuse that “I was comforting another” is no longer a part of your path.

Others tell you their troubles not to bring you to their level of shock or sadness or anger, though it may seem that way at times, but to ask you to raise them up, in steps, to the level that they perceive you are on.

A great deal is being asked of you now.

You are being asked by those around you to be a sort of leader, to show them where the great Light that emanates from you originally comes from.

Many are curious to know how they may tap into that and resonate with it, in their own way.

For you to drop down to the level of their despair—to add one more rock to the heavy weight of human sadness—does nothing whatever to help them, and they know this.

Certainly, as a natural empath (and natural healer), it is your instinct to resonate with those you connect with on a heart level.

But we assure you, they do not ask you to do so in a way that has you resonating with their despair.

They ask that you show you understand their struggle, but while remaining calm, reaching out to them not from their place of grief, but from your higher place of peaceful understanding that All Is Well in this Universe.

They ask that you affirm that they are fully able to join you in that place, once they are ready to do so.

As you do so, you hold that space for them, knowing and believing in their ability to release whatever troubles them, to open up to a higher answer—to weather their challenges with courage and the sort of detachment that is utterly fifth dimensional.

And that vibration means not allowing emotional reactions to lead their thoughts and determine their ongoing emotional vibration.

That peaceful detachment—and you have achieved it many times—is the very nature of compassion.

It is a matter of holding the understanding of another’s challenges in one hand, and the reality of their powerful soul in the other hand, with the understanding that their higher self is bringing them home to peace and wholeness, no matter what may appear to be happening to them right now.

You cannot know their path, and what they determined, before incarnating, would best stimulate the soul growth and expansion that they risked the travails of yet another Earth life to attain.

Likewise, when the thought of a painful episode from your own past comes to the surface, offer compassion—caring, with detachment and belief in your higher path—to your younger self.

Becoming angry or sad again and again may appear to be a form of showing solidarity with the person you were then, and that is understandable.

Yet you do not help or heal that younger self, who comes to you for understanding and wisdom that they do not have yet, when you agree with them that this person or that was an abusive lowlife, and you hope they got their comeuppance.

We assure you, all things are coming to their rightful place now on your planet.

Nothing is to be hidden in this New Earth you are building, and justice and equality are a very large part of the equation.

Each person must face their judge—their own soul and Divine Self—and determine who to ask forgiveness of, and what forms of sensitivity, wellness, and balance they have avoided or been deprived of till now.

Allow your younger self to heal from the shocks and traumas of the past, by saying to them, when these memories arise, “Yes, I see that you suffered. I am sorry I was not there to protect you. We’re much stronger now. Release this. They have no power over you now. I have banished them. You are free.”

They come to you crying about past abuses and losses, precisely because you were not then able to give them the level of reassurance and comfort then that you are able to give now.

But you will notice that until you are able to believe in your higher path with detachment, not anger or grief, they tend to remain unhealed.

This is counter-intuitive, perhaps—your ego-mind will be wondering, Why would you not stay angry at a foul injustice, toward you or anyone?

Yet try this with yourself, as an experiment.

See if you can consciously turn toward the younger self who was fed to one wolf or another before their defenses, self-esteem, and self-care were fully in place, and speak on their behalf now.

Consciously interact with these memories, whether you speak mentally to the abuser and inform them that none of this will be tolerated, or you speak to your younger self to say, “They have no power over you now. Leave that place. I will protect you. You are safe!”

You have been seeking this for many a year—this reassurance and belief in your or another’s strengths and ability to recuperate and continue on the path, without bitterness.

And in these times when Lightworkers are depended upon to not fall for the old regime’s tricks of trying to entrain you upon a vibration of anger, despair, grief, or shock, your movement forward in this is not only called for, but a requirement for your Ascension.

And will I become so detached and calm about everything that I no longer fully participate in life—no longer full feel life? you may ask.

You have not seen your higher self in full presence.

You have not seen him or her dancing on the color and Light forms of these new and higher frequencies, singing with the tonal vibrations of waxing moons, Nature spirits, and legions of Angels, as we have, or you would not ask.

You are riding the great wave of planetary and individual Ascension as Poseidon rides the waves that are his horse herds—and you are no less powerful, dramatic, celebratory, and astounding.

Namaste, powerful ones! Step up, and be your full and higher selves.

The Universe awaits.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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