Saint Germain and One Who Serves – October 22, 2017

Channeled by James McConnell

As You Turn More To Source Within You, You Will Begin To Surrender More And More Of Those Old Paradigm Programming That You Have Become So Accustomed To

I AM Saint Germain.

These times that I can be here and be with you have become more and more the opportunity to do so. But there will come a time in the not too far off future where these moments will be less and less because you are moving into a new state of consciousness, a higher state of consciousness you might say, higher vibration.

And with these higher vibrations comes less and less a reliance on anything outside of yourself and a new reliance on more of what is within yourself. Relying on the Source within you to take you through this transition. Now that is not to say you will not have mentors; you will. They will come and assist you. But these processes such as these channeling sessions will become lessened in the times ahead. We are still going to be with you for the foreseeable future.

But understand that everything is in motion now. Everything is shifting and you are being prepared, each and every one of you. All of the light workers and now the light warriors: you are being prepared to begin to step into the missions that you came here for. Those times are nearly here. You are going to hear more and more various announcements that are going to come forth. You have been told this before. But they are coming. They are going to come from sources that you would expect and sources yet that you would not expect, but they are going to be here very shortly.

Channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on October 22, 2017

The Council – Is Reality Real?

by Ron Head – October 30, 2017

The Council – Is Reality Real?

Over and over again you say, or hear, “That is not real” or “It’s all an illusion”. And, in fact, we have stated as much ourselves many times. And this is a valid statement. But we wish to explain this a bit further today. In doing so, we will contradict ourselves, or seem to.

Reality is totally real. Or you could say, “It is what it is.” But we will not say that because our channel does not exactly love that phrase. And now we will explain our point.

Reality is. It, of itself, is not illusion. The particles and energies are real. The atoms are real. The molecules are real. The cells, if cells are involved, are real. Period. So, reality is real. None of it is ever permanent, however, and that must be understood.

What you see, however, what you hear, what you feel, are all interpretations of the incoming energy. And that, friends, is 99 and 44/100 percent illusion. Even the very most astute of you does not, and cannot, process the full spectrum of information that your senses have available to them. And so, you do not see all that is there. You do not hear it all. You knit together a picture of what is that, even at its best, is only a partial semblance of what is. And after you have done that, you interpret it through your individual filters.

The result of that is a ‘reality’ that is agreed upon by all of you that contains billions of variations. And you assume that this is not so. And you are shocked when others don’t see it in the same way you do. Well, now you do not need to be shocked anymore. You preside over your own unique world. It is as magical, or as terrible, as you made it, or perhaps allowed it to become.

Now, that sounds like what you call a downer. But the truth is, it is exactly why you are the one that can change it.

Changing what is outside of you is almost always the first thing you try to do. It is also the most difficult by far. And so, there grows the feelings of defeat. And you allow yourselves to be told it is impossible by those who would have you believe that.

It is not impossible if you realize that what you can change is the creative mechanisms. You can change them because they are within you. No, it is not easy. But it is possible.

There are really only two things that you need to accomplish. First, you need to throw out the trash. You need to find the false beliefs that you have accepted and get rid of them. You will not find them all, at least not at first, because you hang on to them like life rafts. But you can begin.

Second – and this will seem simple, but it is the hardest – you must accept and allow yourself to be who you are in truth. At some point, this will very likely frighten you silly. And it may very well go in the face of all you have been taught. It has been very much in the interests of the powers in your world to have you believe that you are not, cannot be, and shall not become, what you truly are. And now is the time for all of that to come to an end.

Many of you have wondered for decades what you are doing here. Why me? This is the last place I would want to be.

Well, we just told you why you. Of course, that makes no sense until you know who you are. When you begin to know that, you will see that you are in THE place to be. And this is THE time to be there. If it were not, a being such as you are would not bother.

Now, what we said above applies to all of you, but to varying extent. Many of you have been applying yourselves to your growth for years, some for decades. And you are seeing through what is becoming a rather ragged veil at times. And many of you are sensing more and more of who you are and what you can do – because you are doing it.

When an edifice is being erected, there are often many piles of tons of materials scattered about the site. Almost all of it will, at some point, have to be lifted, some to dizzying heights. And as construction continues, less and less lifting will need to be done.

There will come a time when you will be celebrated as the heavy lifters. Pat yourselves on your backs. And get back to work. We say that in jest. Please take it that way.


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The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality.

by John Smallman October 27, 2017

Humanity’s ongoing progress towards the collective awakening is amazing! You are all doing a most wonderful job in assisting in the divine plan, just as you promised, contracted, and intended before you incarnated. Many of you have been following very difficult and demanding paths, filled with pain, anxiety, poverty, and, of course, suffering. You volunteered from the generosity of your loving hearts so that all who choose to awaken as the divine plan comes to fruition would be ably and lovingly assisted to do so. You are all receiving enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms, but, because the density of the physical realm is so heavy, vast numbers are also reliant on the help provided by all of you, Light bearers and Light workers, to enable them to fulfill their divine destiny.

All are One, therefore, whatever anyone does affects everyone else! All who are presently incarnate – over seven billion people of myriad races, colors, and creeds – are on Earth at this moment because they volunteered to assist in clearing from humanity all that is not in complete alignment with Love. Some of you are calling it the clearing of core issues, and that is truly what it is, the core issues of fear, bitterness, resentment, and hatred, that have been leading you into conflict for eons. Those of you consciously doing this are doing it not only for yourselves, but also for those who have totally forgotten about the contracts they made to do this before they incarnated. And, at a deep level below their human awareness, those who have forgotten are, nevertheless, clearing an abundance of those issues, and your presence amongst them vitally increases their ability to do this.

There is no one on Earth who does not have issues to clear, because the game of separation you have been playing has been very intense and violently competitive, and everyone has been playing. This clearance is extremely healing for you as well, because, as many of you have noticed, the heaviness of three dimensional life does lift, giving you more energy and motivation, as issues are brought to the surface of your awareness, acknowledged, and released.

There is only Love, and It’s constant presence provides a vast healing energy for all who choose to turn to It by releasing their hold on righteous beliefs and behaviors, thus removing the blocks and obstructions that have closed off Its access to their hearts. All hearts will open to the divine field of Love that embraces them, allowing It to heal them, bringing them comfort and joy on a scale they have never before experienced as humans. And this is only the beginning!

God’s Will for you, for all conscious beings, is eternal joy! You were created from Love and in joy because God creates joyfully for the pure joy of doing so, and His Will is that you do the same because he knows what immense joy it will bring you. He created you like unto Himself to utterly delight in all of creation as He does, because to be fully alive is to be joy-filled, and that is the state He wants you to experience as fully as He does. His Love for you is boundless, and he wants you to know that by experiencing It in every moment of your eternal existence. That is all that He wants for you, and, truly, It is everything.

You are free, just as you were created, and God requires nothing of you. You do not need to do good deeds, pay Him obeisance, or seek His approval. He offers you His unconditional Love in every moment, knowing that It is what, as humans within the illusion, you are constantly and desperately seeking outside yourselves where It cannot be found. It is within you, where He placed It at the moment of your creation, and that is where you will find It. Seek not the distractions of the illusion, however alluring they may appear to you to be. Go within, and there you will find Yourself and God eternally at one with each other in joyous harmonious relationship from which nothing is lacking.

There is NO SEPARATION! You are as you were created, One with God. No other state exists or could exist, because God is All, and therefore, so are You!

The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality that you made and on which you have focused almost your whole attention for eons, so that you have indeed been mightily distracted by it from Reality.

Now it is time to mightily enlarge your attention and awareness so that you recognize and acknowledge who You are, the eternally beloved child of God, without Whom God would be incomplete. That, of course, is impossible. What Is is unchanging and eternal, It is God and You at One in each other’s Presence forever. A timeless state, because there is no time, there is only now, the eternal now, and that is where you are in every moment of your existence, as you will most joyfully remember on your awakening, NOW!

Your loving brother, Jesus.


The Hilarion Connection Update – November 2017

by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! We, the Ascended Masters, thank those of you who are decreeing each day. As you come to this website, it adds to the energy of this website so that it is becoming a greater Light upon the world-wide web. Your efforts are not in vain, your efforts are being magnified by the Ascended Master realms, the Archangels and Angelic realms and many other beings of Light and many other beings of Light who wish to work with you in this way in order to bring stability to the planet, in order to bring love – it is so very important during these times! What the world needs more of is love and acceptance – there is a decided lack that is prevalent upon the planet at this time.

We ask that you call upon us before you start your decreeing so that we can be alerted that we can now join with you and magnify the energies as you are decreeing. Those of you who do this are aware of the energies as you feel them deeply in the process, for not only do you add greater energy and power and Light to the planet, you also give yourself more Light and this helps you to progress on your spiritual journey, gaining the wisdom and understanding of all that is taking place and knowing intuitively that which is the highest truth and that which is not!

Yes, we understand that there are many stories each and every day that are spreading cross the social media sites. You, the Lightworkers, know by now which are of the highest truth and which are not and it is important that you not immerse yourself in these stories, for they are very difficult to keep your energy field and thought patterns pure and clear.

We ask you Lightworkers, do not take on the thought projections of others that are out there that are not in alignment with your highest truth. We ask you to become more discerning – for as soon as you give attention to these, you are distracted from your purpose which is to maintain your Light, your love, your purity, in order to stabilize the planet during these chaotic times. Be aware!

As you daily focus on the Light, this Light radiates out into the Earth’s atmosphere and as your Light grows through daily repetition of the higher thought patterns that are contained within the decrees, affirmations and invocations that you partake in, it is making a difference, it is having a positive effect. Do not become discouraged by the stories that you read or hear. Seen from a higher perspective, all is working in Divine order.

We encourage you to call upon the brotherhood and sisterhood of Truth from the Temple of Truth, that we may join with you as you make your calls each day, call upon all the Ascended Master realms, include everyone that you can think of from the higher realms, all of the Archangels, the Angel realms, the Galactic brothers and sisters, the tree families, the animal, bird and insects kingdoms, the fish kingdoms.

Call in the elementals, everyone that you can think of to join with you. For this, in truth, is the entire whole of who we are! All is as One and when you call in these other beings that remain invisible to most human eyes, as you call them in, they can then become a greater, stronger presence during the Lightwork that is being done and do their work upon this planet which they have done since the beginning. They all desire to help, they all desire to assist during these times. Call these ones in from the deepest recesses of your heart, for the more intensely you can feel what you are requesting, the easier it becomes to manifest that reality into this planet.

The grids that are established upon the Earth and within the Earth – the crystalline grids – are responding to the higher Light that is being called down and the Earth is lighting up from the higher perspective. Everything that you are calling for first has its reality on the higher planes, the etheric planes and then it filters into the Earth’s atmosphere, into your realities. This is how the energy works so do not give up, Beloved Lightworkers, keep on keeping on, keep doing what you’re doing for it is having a positive influence in the realities that are being created in your new Earth.

Remember that it is love that is the new currency upon this new reality that you are creating!

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion


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Full Moon Floats ~ Neptune Takes the Emotional Edge Off!

While the Full Moon in Taurus on Friday, Nov.3, is opposing a penetratingly deep Scorpio Sun, Neptune in Pisces beautifully aspects this lunar ball of light, promoting emotional elevation to help you rise above some recent troubling terrain.

For those who have the courage to find your way to the center of a feeling, you will find a light leading you all the way in and all the way out, ultimately helping you recover your emotional bearings while also immersing you in a healing balm.

It can offer a time where you are lifted right out of your body, yet providing a feeling of safety in your travels of newfound perspective. This occurs through being granted a higher view. The key is to stay within your emotional body at all times, for it is only there where the magic elixir is served!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

Yoga lotus position silhouette against the full Moon

Your weekly Starcast is ready!

The vast majority of humans have forgotten their life purpose.

by John Smallman – 10/29/2017

All humans on Earth at this time of enormous change are here to help with the awakening, yes ALL humans. There is not just a special group of Light workers and Light holders who are horribly overworked as they assist in the awakening process. No, ALL of humanity is involved, and no one is special, because ALL are special simply because they are ALL the beloved and absolutely perfect children of God, even though their attitudes and behaviors while in human form may well seem totally at odds with Love, with Mother/Father/God.

As we have so often pointed out, the vast majority of humans have forgotten their life purpose, the purpose with which they incarnated. Nevertheless, like those of you reading this and similar messages, they too are here to assist in the awakening process. EVERYONE is involved, because EVERYONE is ONE!

One of the main reasons that you need to release all judgment of others is because you cannot possibly know their circumstances, their chosen life paths, and therefore you are in no position to pass judgment. Only God and the soul involved has that knowledge, the soul has forgotten it, and God never judges!

What you ALL incarnated to do was to love one another, and even those of you who hold that intent most of the time are still unable to completely let go of that judgmental aspect when some one’s words, behaviors, or activities horrifies you because they are so obviously in complete misalignment with Love. But that is the human condition. You have ALL denied Love and engaged in bitterness and hatred. As Jesus said so long ago – or, in truth, but a moment ago – “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

As humans you mostly are unworthy, except that unworthiness is an utterly unreal aspect of the illusion. All are the beloved children of God, and therefore to be unworthy is impossible! Unfortunately some consider themselves to be sinless when they live in seeming righteousness, and use that belief in their own sinlessness to justify their righteous judgment of those who they see as unworthy.

Within the game you are playing there is much behavior that truly is despicable, BUT you are all just actors in a drama that you invented, and when the play ends you will revert to your true selves, beings of infinite Love, just like your heavenly Father.

Focus on this divine truth: “I am a being of infinite Love, like unto my heavenly Father.” With that thought in mind allow yourselves to know it. Then reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises. Whenever doubt or fear arises, no matter what appears to cause it, immediately reset that intent, and, of course, make sure to reset it at least once daily, preferably when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary where the flame of divine Love, the Love that is YOU, burns constantly.

When you do you receive enormous help from those in the spiritual realms – your guides, mentors, and loved ones – those with whom you made agreements, before you incarnated, to mutually support each other. You have, as it were, one foot in the illusion playing the game, while the rest of You resides eternally in God’s Presence, therefore You are never alone! When in doubt, in need, or in fear, call immediately on us for support, we are always there for you.

As there is only One, and as each of you is an aspect of that One, and as that One is Mother/Father/God, Source, Love, then you are always and eternally connected to the infinite Power that is All That Is. That Power is yours, open your hearts to It, accept It, and then create with It in your own lives as humans the Truth, the Good, and the Beauty that you all are as you hold your Light on high for all to see. You do that by consciously choosing to be loving in every moment no matter what arises. In doing that you are You, the beloved child of God, instead of an actor in the ongoing drama that is the illusion.

By doing this you complete the task you set yourselves before incarnating: To be a brilliant Light shining on Earth to assist all to awaken into the Truth that they are indeed One with God.

With so very much love, Saul.

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A Financial Reset ~ Shifting Form ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

You may be wondering…will it happen? When?

You may be waiting…hoping…not knowing what to trust.

You may not even know what you truly believe.

Believe in ~ as ~ the state of your subconscious mind. That is, what really is going on within your memories. Your programs. Your Blueprint. The WHY you function as you do.

How do you hope for something that is not tangible or visible in the concrete world of consciousness?


Source: A Financial Reset ~ Shifting Form ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

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