The Council – The Answers Are Where They Have Always Been.

by Ron Head

The Council – The Answers Are Where They Have Always Been.

When we last spoke with you, we spoke of your power. We will continue.
It has been said that humanity’s greatest fear is that it will find its own power. We will agree with this assessment. And let us explain to you why. Why would you fear your own power? There are many reasons. We will discuss some of them.

One of the greatest is that, if each of man were to truly allow the knowledge of his powerful self to surface, he would immediately need to assume responsibility for what he had created, and he has no problem seeing the great mess he lives in. But if he is powerless, he cannot change it, nor can he be accountable, at least in his mind.
And so he decides to avoid the issue by blaming ‘them’. ‘They’ let that happen. ‘They’ did it. And what can I do, after all? This gives all power to ‘them’. And we tell you, this makes of ‘them’ false gods. AND it keeps one safe from blame and responsibility.

Now, blame is a lie. It is a lie. There is no benefit in assigning blame anywhere in the universe, except to those that would gain power over another in assigning it. And power over another is also a lie. All true power is of the self and only over the self.

Now, let us suppose that one has seen through all of that. What else might one fear. Pssssst! Fear is also a lie.

Well, one could fear that widespread knowledge of one’s abilities would bring pain and suffering. This is very common. Many of you were caught up in past witch hunts and inquisitions. That time is over. You know that, but perhaps your subconscious does not.

One might be afraid that such widespread knowledge would bring throngs of people to one’s doorstep.

The possibilities are almost endless. And all of them mean that staying unaware of one’s power, or keeping it hidden, keeps one safe in some manner. It can also keep one from having to face the presence of Divine power that one has been taught, however mistakenly, is likely to damn one to hellfire.

Now, some of your comedians and social commenters have pointed out the inconsistency – we will try to be gentle here – of saying that you have an all loving God who will fry you for the slightest infraction or misinterpretation. We would pick no arguments here, but we would ask that humanity ask itself just exactly what it chooses to believe. You do not allow such contradictions in your fellows. One of your favorite retorts is, “You cannot have it both ways!”

Let’s return to the discussion of personal power. Even if one interprets that in the most conventional manner, one can see that nothing can be accomplished that one does not take responsibility for. But our real purpose is to help you to understand that humanity is a being, a consciousness of which you are a part. Humanity creates worlds. Humanity can change worlds. And waiting for someone else to arrive and change things will not get it done. It is yet another instance of giving power away.

Creator sees the world through billions of pairs of eyes. Creator created billions of pairs of hands and billions of pairs of feet. And it will offend no one if we say that Creator, whatever you wish to call that force, lives within each of you. And each of you asks, “But what can I do?” The answer, dear humans, is that you can do whatever is placed before you this day to do, in the very best way you know how. No one expects any more from you than that.

Everything that is needed was given to you. But you must learn to own up to who you are, because the answers are where they have always been, inside of you. Is this news? Of course not. All teachers have brought you this message. Why would that have happened if it were not true?

Now, we will say that we meet you more than halfway when you begin to see hear, and accept truth. But do not expect your world to stand on its head overnight. Even if it did, many would be asking what took so long. So do what there is for you to do, and know that you are enough. You are enough.

Blessings to each. We will continue at another time.

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The Council – Include Yourself

by Ron Head

The Council – Include Yourself

There is a wonderful song title that we love, “What If God Were One of Us?” We would change it a little, hoping that we do not offend its authors. We would have it be “What If God Were All of Us?” Does it surprise you to have us tell you that it expresses truth?

That is because God, or Creator, or Source, or whatever you choose to call the Divine, has become All That Is. Now, All That Is means All That Is. It means everyone that is. It means all those you love and all those you don’t even want to be around. It means all those you will never come into contact with.

This is not a difficult thing to understand, and most will not have any trouble agreeing with it – intellectually. Practicing the living it implies is a bit harder for some, impossible for others. The reasons for that are myriad and longstanding. They are learned from others and passed down through generations. They are, without exception, based in fear and the belief in a limited supply of whatever has value to the one in fear. “If he has some of that, there will be less for me.” “I don’t know what tomorrow may be like, so I need as much as I can get.” And the lessons regarding that have been taught forever. Some have even learned them.

But that is not the message we wish to convey today. So, we ask you to once again ponder “What If God Were All of Us?”

Now let us ask you this, when you were considering that question, who was included in your mind? Most of you will say that he was, she was, they were. Most would sincerely mean ‘all of them’. Questioned closer, some would admit to having reservations about certain groups or individuals. But again, that is not the message here.

We ask you this: Did you include yourself? Did “What If God Were All of Us” include you? And further, do you treat yourself as that? Do you honor your own life as That Life? Most of you are familiar with the quote “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. And your minds always jump to the neighbor in the instruction. Few ever consider the ‘self’ that is mentioned.

But do you understand that however you treat any part of the All is how you are treating the All? Because it is, after all, The All. And you are also a part of it, do you see? So are your children, even when they test you. So is your partner in life, if you have one.

Now, we are not saying that you must like everything they do. Do you like everything that you do? We think that there are some days that you don’t even want to be in your own company. Love you anyway. There are jerks on your planet. Love them anyway. Don’t invite them to dinner. Just make it a habit to see that they are “One of Us” even though they obviously don’t know it themselves. See them as that, even though they do not. And most importantly, see yourself as that, even though the impossibility has become ingrained in you. When the voice in your head says “Sure, but that can’t mean me!” Tell it to sit down and shut up. Be more interested in what your heart feels about it than in what has been taught to you by your societies. When you can do that, the rest will come as a matter of course.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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The Council – Ascension and the New World

by Ron Head

The Council – Ascension and the New World

As you approach closer and closer to the frequencies that will allow the beginning of your rise into ‘the new world’ that you have been told to anticipate, and as your feelings of impending change increase, the worries of those who think almost entirely in terms of the physical world increase as well. We have been asked over and over what will happen to loved ones, family, pets, and friends. Will they be left behind? What will they think when I disappear? Let us try once more to lay those fears to rest, particularly since those fears are acting as anchors to your own energies.

We will make a statement here. There is not going to be a flashbang incident during which you disappear. The energetic signature of a percentage of you is going to rise to the point, nearly here, that those sitting at the other dining tables in the room are going to be experiencing a different reality than you are. Now, let us ask you, is that so very different than your current situation? No, it is not.

In time, those who have not reached a compatible frequency level will have passed on and begun experiencing on a different dimension than you may be in. Does that not happen already? Yes, it does. But to borrow a line from a book, the meek will have inherited the earth.

Now these are simplified explanations, to 3D minds, of multidimensional things. We could say that it is all illusion. That would not be helpful. We could say that it is impossible to explain it in your terms. Again, not helpful. What we can tell you is that no one will be left behind. Perhaps a friend might not have allowed his or her higher self to begin living in and as herself, himself at the same time you did, but they are free to make that decision at any moment. Just see them as they are in their divine perfection. You cannot live for them, but you can show the way. Think of this change to humankind as a landslide or a tidal wave, for that it surely is. Each of you affects the whole, and the change will be, and is, snowballing. How is that for mixing metaphors?

For some of you we just used a definition of ascension that you have not considered before. And that is okay. You have made progress using other definitions. We would however, like you to begin understanding the word ascension in this way. Ascension is simply the process of a human allowing and inviting his or her higher self to begin expressing as and through their physical being. And planetary ascension is when those who have done so tip the balance in favor of the light. Now your higher selves are pretty powerful beings. So, it will not take billions to accomplish this, although billions is what it will become.

So, please change your focus from worry to joyful anticipation and allowance. Allow for the possibility that what will come to be is so far greater than anything you can imagine that your dreams will have been bland in comparison. But dream anyway.

Our love to you each.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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The Council – Chaos and Peace

by Ron Head

The Council – Chaos and Peace

As this new season begins, let us call your attention to what is and what mostly is not happening in your world.

It was forecast that this time would be chaotic on your world. We told you that most, if not all, of the structures of your societies would begin to crumble, that this is necessary before you can or will rebuild them into the new. And many of you are seeing the beginnings of this. We would like to point out for you what is not happening.

Look around you and see that, in this world that is home to over seven billion of you – and we count only the upright, bi-pedal ones of you that are so overly proud of yourselves as a species – you, personally only interact in a small area with relatively few of your kind. This is true even if you frequent several cities or even continents.

Now, even though that is the case, your idea that you are a globally connected being, in many ways a good idea, has resulted in a kind of addiction to the emotional content of daily bombardments of information from many thousands of miles away. This is carefully sifted and maintained. This is being used to keep you in a feeling of the need for others to take care of you. This is disempowering. Empowerment is not what is desired for you – at least not by those who control your societies.

Now that you are observing this from a level somewhat above your normal perspective, look at you’re your normal day from ‘up here’. There are those who have been hurt, who have been killed, who have lost their every possession, who have literally disappeared. That is true. And we do not in any way wish for anyone not to feel compassion for those people. The rise of compassion in the world is indeed a marvelous thing. But even though those things have happened, and continue to happen every day, we would point something out to you.

Your own world is, in reality, much smaller than the one shown to you, hour by hour, minute by minute, by your media. Your own problems, and all of you have things that for you are problematic, have a far greater effect on your life than any of the things you see from other places. Yet you feel that you must continue to view those things, to listen to those things. You are quite possibly addicted to the emotional chemicals that are produced when you do that. And having your body produce those chemicals hour by hour, day after day, is not good for you. It is not good for you in any way.

This is why you are urged over and over to walk in the woods, to meditate, to take time in the quiet for yourselves. You very much need your body to have the rest and to produce those chemicals that peace and quiet will induce. And you very much need to get in touch with the person who is living their life in your world, with your friends and family, where you are. And you truly do need to know who you are. You truly do need to know that you are a divine being living here for a divine reason. You need to discover your worth, which is immeasurable.

All the noise that you are living in is designed to keep your attention away from that, do you see? Because once you do find it, once you know who you are, your effect upon that larger world will be beyond control.

So consider giving your own life, and the lives of those around you, more attention and love. Consider that you’re here and your now are the most important things in your world. That world will expand when your being grows and demands to be heard and felt.

Find the peace and the love in your hearts. You will find us there as well.


The Council – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? (Pt 2)

by Ron Head

The Council

The Council – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? (Pt 2)

As promised, we will continue our last message by addressing “When”. And we mean it in this sense:

This council convened before you were born. That, of course, is how you would perceive it with your linearly oriented minds. But we see the necessity of using such ideas in order to communicate certain concepts. We sit convened in each moment of your lifetime. You are the purpose of our gathering, after all. And your non-physical selves are never absent from this council for that very reason. We will not ever be unavailable in the moment that you need us. Now, this is true for all physical beings, so there is no reason to shop for a larger hat size.

The real issue is almost always that it takes a lifetime to get most of you to understand how very precious your divine selves are, even when we state it plainly. You have been convinced otherwise for so long that your minds just will not accept it.

So the answer to when is always. Temper that not by whether or not we are here to answer your need, but by whether you listen and whether you accept. That is why the phrase ‘those with ears to hear’ came to be. Also, however, you were told that you could not hear or understand, and you accepted that. Your reality always reflects your beliefs, so throw that one out.

We come now to where. Is it on a certain planet? Is it on a spacecraft? What does it look like? When you visit us in your dreaming times or in your meditations, you are actually joining an energetic event. It is not in a ‘place’. So when you return to your ordinary conscious awareness, you will remember, if you remember, a setting that your own mind can align with. If you bring back a memory, it will contain the fact of a meeting being held. You may remember that you were given guidance. You may remember a hall, an amphitheater, a room, a stadium, or even a spaceship. The picture is not important. Even remembering is not important, really. You do this almost every day and night. How many times do you remember it? Now this does not seem as if it would be unimportant. But understand that you have received the answers you needed and made your decision. If you are aligned with your own purpose, you will make the best decision. If you are not, you will learn, and therefore your ‘wrong’ decision will be the best one for you. Your name for that is The School of Hard Knocks.

We will speak to ‘how’ for a moment. Every single one of you can and does get the message. Some of you are sensitive enough to ‘see’. Some of you can ‘hear’. Some of you can feel us sending you energy. But even when all of those things are not available, we use circumstance, synchronicity, and more. So, even though you may aspire to some of the above, rest assured that we do get through to those of you who ask and intend to receive an answer.

Now, let us talk a little more about the why, if we may. What is our agenda, our purpose? You will have noticed, if you have followed us for a little time, that we are always speaking of your divine nature. We always speak about the power that you hold – and haven’t learned to use. We always talk of the raising of your consciousness that is now in progress. That is our purpose in this now. That is our agenda.

You have taken on a task of monumental proportions. A short while ago, the odds were really not very much in your favor. And yet you continued, over and over again, to actually raise the bar, as you would say. And you have accomplished what you have done with far less mayhem and loss of life than was foreseen. You will probably be back on this side before you truly see the amazing extent of what you have been able to do. In your terms, you are ‘the boots on the ground’ and we are ‘the logistical command’. But we also have assumed the roles of cheerleaders and pep rally organizers.

So now we have addressed all of the “W” questions. We do this from time to time and will probably do so again. As always, our goal in doing so at this time is to stress, once again, how very important each of you are, and to tell you that you are never, ever alone.

One more small item. We are closer than your thoughts, but we cannot act without your asking. So, in full knowing of that truth, ask. Ask aloud if you can. Have conversations with us. For many of you, they may seem to be one-way conversations. But be assured they are not. Be alert for answers in many forms.

Good day.

The Council – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? (Pt 1)

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The Council – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

by Ron Head March 8, 2017

The Council – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

We have spoken more than a few times explaining who we are. Some prefer to have names attached to this sort of message. We understand that. But you have been reading our messages for a few years now as being from The Council. Why is that?

First let us say that many who sit on this council either do not have names and have no need of them. Then there is also the fact that even upon your planet the beings sitting on this council are known by many names in many languages. You are not used to thinking in such terms, but it is true nevertheless. And even beyond that, you gave these names to us when you thought you were the center of a universe that you had no idea of the extent of. Now, when you are aware that a limitless universe is teeming with life, do you imagine that those names remain the same everywhere? Of course, we will answer to them. But we wish to cause you to ponder larger concepts. And so, when our channel began referring to us as The Council, we considered it appropriate. That is the “Who” in the title above.

Now, as to the “What” in the title. What is this Council? You know of many councils. Indeed, there are many. Some oversee star systems. Some oversee galaxies. And you really cannot fathom the scope of multi-dimensional multiverses. In the case of this council, we are defined by our purpose. Thus, this answer will also answer the “Why”.

As each entity dispatches a part of itself into a physical lifetime, it is known by us, and by the birthing one, that certain traits, skills, etc. will be needed to accomplish the goals of the entity, and they are included in its makeup. But the memory that it holds in the non-physical, if it will interfere with the living of the life as planned, will be veiled from the new life’s recall. This is not always necessary. You may even know people who have quite a bit of recall of things beyond, or above, or however you think of it. We would say that, for them, it is consistent with their life purpose.

But we also know that living a lifetime in a body is not exactly an easy undertaking. Even when one is not in body, one has access to guidance and teaching. How could it be denied to you there? And so our purpose is to provide all of the information and guidance that each is able to accept when it is needed.

How is this accomplished? The most common way is to meet with you during your sleep cycles. We are able to have dialog with many during their meditations. And some hear us more often than that. There is no one that cannot develop themselves to this level, but we use whatever you need us to use. If you need us to speak with you during sleep, you will still get what you need. We give information and guidance. We do not make your decisions for you. So you are quite free to ‘make mistakes’, as you would say. We would say that you never do. You just have experiences that you may wish to eliminate from your repertoire. If you knew how to live without such experiences, your greater self might not have needed to send you on this adventure.

That brings is back to the question of who is on this council. You see, you are on this council. At least your own greater self, who may have thousands of such experiences in its being, is sitting here. Are your guides here? Absolutely yes! Are your ‘other selves’ here? Yes. Angels? Yes. Master teachers? Yes. Higher beings, the existence of whom you as yet have no concept? Yes. Basically, what we are saying is that, if you have need to know something, the appropriate knowledge will be provided to you.

We will continue next with the question of “When.


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The Council – The Other 99%

by Ron Head

the-councilThe Council – The Other 99%

Very often you hear about the 99% of the cosmos that is not visible to you. Even more often you are told of the equally huge percent of your DNA that is ‘junk’. And you are constantly being reminded that humans use only five to ten percent of their minds, and that most of one’s consciousness lies in the subconscious. Shall we discuss that?

What lies in all of this unknown space? In the realm of your cosmos, we would say that you do not see or allow for the huge presence of energy that is in chaos, or potential. You only conceive of ‘reality’ as being within the spectrum of your ability to perceive. And never mind about those things that some know and you are not told of.

What lies in all that unused mind and consciousness? Well, all of the things that you have shut out, all of the potential you have not been allowed to know of, all of the experience and history that you do not believe exists. And never mind all that is being hidden from you.

As for your DNA, the very huge portion that humans are calling junk is really the direct measure of their own lack of knowledge and understanding.

What we wish to tell you is that you are standing in the doorway of your consciousness and looking out at all that you have yet to learn and telling yourselves that there is nothing there. We want you to know that you are, and have always been, in the process of discovery. You have every right to know anything you wish to know. You have the ability to learn everything you wish to learn. And no one has the right to deny that to you.

Now, there is a great deal of knowledge that is actually known to some humans, but not to most. It has been hidden away. Why? Well, it preserves the status quo. But that is not going to be possible. And that is not only because the structures are crumbling. Please understand that it would never have been possible in the first place if you did not buy the story you were told.

What story? You did not need to know. You would not understand. You were not smart enough. Oh! You are telepathic? Or clairvoyant? Well, that makes you dangerous, doesn’t it? That find contradicts the story? Well, bury that! And what started out small became very, very large. What you have not been told now is greater than what you have been told.

That makes things top heavy. And what invariably happens to things that are top heavy?

Remember the fellow in the film who yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore?” Well, it is dawning on humanity that what we have described above is true, and you are ‘up to here’ with it. And so there will be attempts to disclose to you, gradually, some of the things that you will need in the coming years.

Unfortunately for the disclosers, there is very little credibility left to them. Also, the rise in consciousness itself insures that not much can be hidden anymore. So we see that any gradual release of information will get away from them, sort of like the water situation in California. Information always leads to more questions, does it not? And a determined public will not be put off, as in the past.

We have told you a great many times that you were on the cusp, that great change was coming, that your new world was about to appear. And we also told you that we were speaking of your inner changes and the outer would come to reflect the inner when the time was right. Well, congratulations. You made it. You are about to have a very interesting time.



There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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