Traditional Medicine ~ Tobacco

Traditional Medicine

When one is searching out traditional medicine plants, keep in mind that a proper thank you needs to be done for each medicine, and to only take what you need. It has been said that often times, medicine cannot be seen until it is needed, and then it appears in a very conspicuous spot. Elders have said that when searching for medicines, to always take tobacco with you. It used to be in the past, that the person seeking the medicine would take tobacco and/or a few pieces of pure silver (dimes for example, when they were made of silver) to trade for medicine plants, or in some cases, they would take with them Little Peoples Tobacco (Lobelia Inflata) to ask the Little People for their help in locating the medicines that they needed. It has also been said that should you notice a plant all of a sudden begin to grow near your home, or under your bedroom window, this is a sign that you or someone in your home needs this medicine. It will continue to grow until it is no longer needed.