Into the Deep ~ Venus Retrograde in Scorpio!

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio reminds me of the bottom dwellers on the floor of the sea that stir up the sediment that has settled there in the dark, content that may have been untouched for eons but you find yourself swimming in what is being stirred up.

It is about bathing in the depths of unresolved Soul experiences that need to be re-visited so they can be confronted and healed. Mercury is in Scorpio as well this week and will square Mars in Aquarius on Thursday, Oct. 17, bringing communications to a boiling point because something has got to give.

Fortunately, on that same day, Mercury in Scorpio will form a supportive angle to Neptune in Pisces to offer a higher hand in a vulnerable process. You may need to leap into the unknown but you will trust that the tides will carry you to a better place, and they will.

It is one of those in-between weeks, and while there is plenty of energetic influence going on in just about every direction, no planets are changing signs, there is no new moon or full moon, it’s just time to work it out, plunge to the depths, and then come up for air.

Prepare to feel more liberated and freed up because you allowed yourself to ‘go there’!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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