More on Mars ~ Onward & Upward!

Mars just stationed direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn and will remain in Capricorn before re-entering Aquarius on Monday, Sept.10. With Mars in Capricorn, you tend to make more conscious and deliberate steps, which is fitting now as it will take a bit of time for Mars to pick up the kind of speed we all prefer.

Mars will not reach the same point in the sky as he was when he went retrograde until early October, so while it is time take action following a few months of contemplation, we are still traveling through a slower moving window of time. In other words, don’t rush it or force it, but do take steps now to set something in motion.

Mars is the planet of action and desire. Mars governs choice-making, and it is your choices that will dictate how fast and how far you travel in this life and beyond. With Mars in Capricorn, there is an added feeling of gravity which may have you taking life more seriously

Mars in Capricorn is about taking responsibility for anything that your Soul has set in motion while also being mindful to not waste a moment in time. Feel all the way through what your instinct is telling you to do and then take whatever time you need to prepare for your new chapter.

Growth Becomes You!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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