Find Your Freedom ~ Mars Retrograde in Aquarius Today!

Action Mars has slowed to a stop and is reversing directions today in the sign of Aquarius, which is having a way of slowing things down within you as well. Mars is most at home when he is in motion and fueling you to go after something you want. So when this energy inverts, it forces you to down shift and reflect about what you want more deeply and to be more conscious about the choices you are making in your life.

Mars entered Aquarius on May 15 and since then has been rattling your cage. He can create a rebellion in you when traveling through Aquarius as he works to liberate you from the chains that keep you from your own form of personal freedom.

Repeating thoughts may continue to surface in the next two months that reflect desires that your Soul is trying to bring to your awareness. These are signs of what your Soul is ready to pursue in your life. It may take time for these intentions to simmer so give yourself ample space to allow for them to fully emerge.

An ideal time to put these desires into action will be after Mars stations direct on August 26. However, your life may not pick up the kind of speed you prefer until after Mars clears its shadow on Oct 8, which is the same degree that Mars was when he initially shifted retrograde, which is today.

Tomorrow’s, Wednesday, June 27, a Full Moon in Capricorn joins Saturn, the ruler for Capricorn, to invite a serious tone to the changes you know are needed and waiting for your commitment.

This is no time to rush it now. Breathe into the truth of what your Soul needs, so you can freely and finally move forward!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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