Orion Council March 30 2018

by Krista Raisa

Channeled answers to the following questions in Sedona, AZ

1. How long have humans been on Earth?
2. How many major civilizations have there been before Atlantis?
3. What does Orion Council think, regarding the building of landing platforms on Earth?
4. How does Orion Council define the lesson learned now for the human race in the Ascension process?
5. How can lightworkers take better care of themselves if they are feeling surrounded by needy, controlling, messy or otherwise distrustful or rude people? Why is mindfulness, missing?
6. Do you see any progress on the planet Earth when it comes to the receptivity of the Divine Feminine or Mother Earth energy?
7. Is “light quotient” real or is that a way for people to compete with eachother?

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