Uranus Enters Taurus ~ Earth Moving Change On the Horizon!

One week from today, Tuesday, May 15, change-maker Uranus will exit Aries after an eight year tour and enter Taurus. Uranus wants to liberate you from any and all conditioning so this entrance into Taurus will have a way of transforming your inner relationship to yourself as well as to all those things that hold value and meaning to you. While Gaia is gearing up for impact herself, there are planetary influences that will influence you personally depending on where Uranus is transiting within your birth chart.

On the same day, action Mars will square Uranus as he enters Aquarius, the sign that Uranus naturally rules, infusing you with the bug of rebellion towards anything that feels limiting or binding. Mars will become master liberator under this trend as he will spend an usually long time in Aquarius due to its retrograde shift during the summer and will not leave the sign of Aquarius until November 15. This gives you ample time to re-wire your life in the next six months with the intention of raising your own personal frequency.

If that wasn’t enough, a New Moon in Taurus also occurs on Tuesday, May 15, energizing an emotional lift for your new beginning while also allowing you to feel relatively grounded as you leap with a rare speed into the new.

We are all experiencing this palpable shift together, so do your part to help raise the vibration of this planet by allowing this trend to encourage the kind of change that brings out your natural and individual best!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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