It was an awesome sight… and for a few minutes the world felt quiet and still. No more energies colliding and dividing but a united front with a singular universal focus. An inner peace came over me and it was in this stillness that I felt forever changed. It was a reminder of what it feels like to come together as one and it evoked great emotion and inspiration to press on and rise up wherever and whenever possible.

What was hidden has come to light. What was buried in the subconscious has risen to the surface to be healed, actualized and expressed. Do not underestimate the power of this solar/lunar pair joined together to help bring you into a greater state of conscious awareness.

If you aren’t quite ‘feeling’ it yet, there is still a tremendous amount of accessible energy for two more weeks. Mercury is retrograde in Virgo and will back into the sign of Leo and station direct at the same degree of the Solar Eclipse, 28 Leo, before moving direct again. This period is about collecting information, it’s about conversation, inner exploration and it is about implementation. It’s about making an effort to manifest, rolling up your sleeves where you must, versus waiting or wondering when something will happen.

If you haven’t done so, we are still within a sensitive energetic window to set intentions and follow them up with a plan for your life moving forward. May the force be with you.!

Stay Awake!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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