Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Why The Solstice Gateway is so Important for Twin Flames ~ June 2, 2017

by Matahari

Dear ones,

We come forward today with extremely important news from the higher dimensional realms. The cosmically astute among you will have noticed that the new earth template has fully anchored on the earthly plane, and this is primarily due to the unending devotion of the vast network of light beings who have been working diligently with the highest architects of light and creation to fully and completely anchor this template.

The completion of the old template of Rigid control was birthed on the 24th May 2017, the day that marked a significant end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar, and a date which will be known as the day that represents the birthing of the new Earth paradigm.

We from the higher dimensional realms come forth with intense gratitude to the Earth ground crew for holding vigilant and stable on your grid points, please know this has enabled the birthing to be complete and swift.

Dear ones, the powers that be (that which is known as the elite) have known about this sacred date, and have given it one last pathetic attempt to dilute the collective attention away from that which is of the higher dimensional realms and bring the collectives attention to the rapidly diminishing frequency band of control and fear. We would like to inform you that this is an important area of the planetary ascension that we will be addressing in the solstice transmission. We will be working with the off planet Cabal and witnessing a hand over of power and control from them to the highest angelic beings in creation.

Dear ones, we address you on this eve as the master self he/she who stands in observation of all temporary phenomena, as one who is adept at not quickly slipping into identification of that which is of the temporal realm. The birth of the new earth continues in earnest with her waves of Ascension, and of course it is imperative that we share with you now some important information regarding the fast approaching solstice gateway which leads up to the extremely auspicious 8.8.8 gateway

Gaia has completed a 360° spin and is now anchored in the zero point Field of consciousness, but this time she has literally gone up an Octave in vibrational resonance. this means that now as we align with the solstice portal, and Gaia is calibrated to this upgraded attunement, she is in a brand-new position to receive this upcoming intense bombardment of gamma ray activity, which is set to reach a new peak at the time of the solstice 2017.

Dear ones this Lightstorm will assist all those who are working consciously with these energies, the opportunity to step up personally into a higher vibrational frequency, activating the soul gifts of telepathy, empathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and many others.

Beloveds, for those on the front line of the planetary Ascension it is highly advisable to come forward now in your Ascension groups to fully and completely harness the power of the group consciousness, and support Gaia and the interstellar galactic beings to be conduits for these new gamma frequencies.

You beloved groundcrew, whom we speak to tonight, we are so grateful for this opportunity to dance with you in this way, in this awakening and knowing that all is sacred all is holy all is divine. family of light together now in your ascension groups, proclaim collectively all is sacred all is holy all is divine.

A message now for the illumined twin flame collective. Dear ones it is imperative that you stand steady, remembering at all times to activate the divine parent frequencies within you, and remember vigilantly to watch over and observe the temporary musings of the monkey mind.

Awaken and claim NoW moment consciousness. Choose to be present regardless of what is occurring on the temporary realm.

A message for the divine masculine… know that you are seen and adored and cherished by the one who created you. Your being is an eternal treasure to Mother Father God and you are safe in this 3rd dimension. Understand that these new energies are clearing out all that is not in alignment with the energies of your highest Christed timelines.

It’s time to expand brothers and sisters. Think big and dream big and know that it is done. Claim your mastery as an awakened God being, and remember to always give thanks that all that you pray for has already manifest even though it is not visible with the physical eyes.

Remember timelines are infinite and limitless and it is your responsibility and duty as a sovereign being to choose the timelines you wish to experience, and you choose it by being grateful that it is real, that it is a concurrent reality and that it has already manifest. this is the greatest secret of manifestation…. it all comes down to choosing timelines. This eternal truth has never been so simply and succinctly explained.

Timelines are infinite and limitless and it is what you choose to focus on which is what you manifest in your 3D reality. Many beloveds are addicted to scary and fearful timelines and their ego has them believe that it is imperative that they stay on these scary and terrifying timelines, and in that moment the divine child forgets her sovereignty and that her creator placed within her, the power to choose which timeline she wishes to focus on.

Dear ones, the words in this message are extremely powerful and activating. Please may we remind you to come forward for the solstice transmission that our beloved channel Matahariji will be hosting online on 20 June 2017 at 2:20 PM UK time this is an online event so if you have access to the Internet you can participate. Please see below for full details.

Suffice to say Gaia is calling the light tribe together on these dates to act as the living light conduits who can ground these upgraded frequencies into the collective consciousness of humanity.

Twin flames claim your sovereignty, claim that the search is over and that you fully and completely remember that your twin flame is within you, and that you are eternally united at all times.

We pray you take heed of these words divine ones whom we communicate with tonight.

Please remember that this is a very intense gateway that we are currently in and this means that all that has not been in alignment with the light must be exposed, met, and brought home to the light. Here we are referring to the shadow self, the shadow aspect. Please remember that it is a great gift and a great blessing to meet these parts of the self, and we remind you that these aspects of your being are worthy of your love, time, attention, validation, and understanding.

Please know that as you meet these aspects of yourself in this way you alchemise then back home to presence, to the divine self. This is a crucial aspect of everyone’s evolutionary process which ought to have been taught in all of your educational institutions.

Dear ones it is your responsibility to remember this. Your shadow is divine, your shadow is sacred, and your shadow is Holy. You must meet your shadow self with great tenderness and patience, for it is only through love that the shadow self can be alchemised back into the Christed self.

Beloveds if you feel the calling then please come forward to join the powerful Ascension group that will be gathering at the time of the opening solstice gateway. It is imperative that as many light workers as possible come forward to anchor the energy on their grid points in order to assist the highest council of light harness this powerful light dispensation that is being sent forth from the oversoul of humanities Christed self during this gateway. When you sign up you will be welcomed into an extremely high vibration Twin soul Ascension group, and receive ongoing council, support and divine assistance on your journey to full union with your twin flame on all planes of consciousness.

Dear ones all is well.

Know that everything that you seek is already with you.

You are divine…. you are a Co Creator.

You are the manifestation of God on the earthly plane.

Hari om tat sat



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