A Return to Love ~ Venus Retrograde

Venus is the ruler for Taurus, symbolizing the inner side of Venus, as it represents our resources to survive, including how we earn. In addition, the inner side of Venus as a Taurus ruler symbolizes our inner relationship to ourselves.

Venus also rules the sign of Libra, known as the outer side of Venus. In this context, Venus represents our social selves and our connections to others. Venus represents our world of relationships, who we love and naturally harmonize with and who we attract as a result of what we need.

On Saturday, March 4, Venus will station Retrograde in Aries and she will slip into a slumber until the middle of April. This represents a time when the past may come forward again, you may hear from old lovers or be deeply reflecting about your past where there feels to be unfinished business. It may also be a time when you are re-evaluating what holds meaning and value to you, and making choices to change your life to support your Soul’s evolution.

Simply understood, Venus rules love and money, those earthly values that keep our lives thriving with feeling and meaning. This trend will show you where you have been out of balance and will energize a focus to recover the love within as well as the love you extend to others. Where there is love, there will always be a feeling of plenty!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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