Love Eclipses Pain!

We are traveling through a very powerful astrological window at the moment, being that we are in between eclipses, two lunar points separated by two weeks time. A Full Moon Eclipse on Friday Feb.10 opened this window and elevated our passions for love and for what we desire in this world. On Friday, Feb. 26, a New Moon Eclipse in Pisces will complete this circuit yet will be potentially igniting some sea changing tides in your life.

In the meantime, the energetic waters you are swimming in are sensitive beyond measure for transformational change and metamorphic shifts. Mars and Venus are both in heated Aries, and yet they are traveling in a closing phase to one another, which means there is an emphasis on culmination and healing versus full blown action. There is a need to return to the source of any suffering that may still linger in the halls of your being and change your orientation to its hold so you do not carry it forward into your future.

Love is the only thing that can eclipse the pain and ultimately the only thing that can lead the Soul to experience a space of inner peace.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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