An Empath Dream: How to Deal with Empathy

By Lilly

empathI had a funny yet very powerful dream last night.
In my dream I was with a group of emapths/sensitive people doing some powerful work as light workers. I could feel their sadness as we were working together.

Funny enough I was explaining ‘empathy and crying’ to them while I was crying.

Empaths feel EVERYTHING specially other people sadness and negativity.
It can be a blessings or a curse, depends what you make of it.

If you perceive it as a blessing it will help you and your immediate environment, if we think it’s a curse it will be detrimental to our health and life in general.
This is a good trait to be explored and developed in order to assist us.

Empaths help cleanse the Earth of negativity by feeling and crying.
Yes crying is good as long as it brings relief and releases emotions that are trapped in the energetic field. However an out of control cry for long periods of time without being grounded can lead to detrimental health.

Taking too much of ‘feeling others feelings’ personally without grounding can also lead to detrimental health.

So in my dream I was explaining that “pain might be inevitable but suffering is optional”.
Then all the emapths started to laugh and we all had a great time afterwards.

Remember to take care of yourself first.
Detach form others feelings but not by shutting down emotionally but by understanding others pain and sending love to their pain.
We all have our own paths to follow and lessons to learn.

Remember to ground yourself on a daily basis. This is crucial for emapths.

Remember to ask yourself if the feelings you are feeling are yours.

Remember to cleanse and balance your chakras daily.

Remember to cleanse your aura.

Remember to sweat out toxins and cleanse your physical body.

Remember to strengthen your physical body by exercising.

Remember to breathe deeply.

Remember to take time and quiet your mind.

Remember to snap out of negativity by trusting the Higher Power.

Remember to love and accept yourself fully and completely in order to love others.

Remember to release emotions. Let go!

Have a great day, share this with other empaths and please take care of yourself.


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