Full Moon in Cancer ~ Up, Down, & All Around!

Mercury, the planet of communication, is finally moving in a forward motion, but just because set backs are starting to straighten themselves out, it does not mean you are going to be feeling footloose and fancy free. In fact there is something about what is working itself out that may be creating more pressure for you to make a big decision, as Mars in Pisces is forming a waxing square to Saturn in Sagittarius for the next week or more.

Within that, a Full Moon is brewing and building in feeling Cancer, the sign that the Moon naturally rules, and will be complete on Thursday, Jan. 12. You may be feeling like you are riding an emotional roller coaster, and it may not be until my next forecast until those seas find a way to calm. However, fortunately, Mars in Pisces, is very strongly positioned to this lunar tide, suggesting there is a high road available and if your will is directed with a higher purpose in mind, it may potentially play out swimmingly.

Do what you can to surrender to the tide, without overreacting to circumstances, and you will be shown a clear and constructive way through. Remember too, that Saturn, the planet governing the sure thing, and Uranus, the planet of change, are still forming a harmonious angle to one another, a telling sign that there is order in chaos, and all will eventually play out as intended.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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