“Ugly Truth” – Op-Ed – Monday – December 19, 2016

Received via email at 11:30 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


With the US electoral college voting today, its wise to understand this private voting system is in place to keep public opinion from governing the affairs of the country.

Meaning, the electoral college system, by design, is in the Constitution to guarantee control over the many by placing it in the hands of the few — who are all secretly non American operatives posing as patriotic Americans.

Not cool.

These traitorous foreigners have long ago secretly organized against America and have been in place to suppress American freedom and equality globally through a series of monetary, diplomatic and military schemes, they then sell to you in a series of fake media pieces or false flag fear tactic events.

This also means that none of the 140 million Americans who cast a vote in the 2016 US Presidential election actually mattered in the final outcome because their votes did not count per the Constitution. Not one.

That’s also not cool.

Only the 538 in the electoral college votes matter when electing an American President and Vice President — and those voters are secretly appointed by only two controlling national political parties — who yes, are also foreign agents secretively aligned against America’s best interests and have been since well before 1804.

You’ll discover this fact on January 6 when the electoral college votes are counted in the Senate. And handed are you’ll get spitting mad.

That’s good!

What’s bad is what you’ll start to find out about all their hidden conspiracies against America–and the human race–across their many self-created theaters of the reality. Then you’ll probably get madder and possibly depressed.

That’s bad… yet good because at least you will be getting the real truth about your incredibly messed up world.

And only from a humbled place, can humanity begin rebuilding its understanding of God’s Will because you’ll finally we will all get a glimmer of what God’s Will really looks like, versus the mindless propaganda mankind is force feed in the mass media juggernaut, endless entertainment circle and political actor mind control matrix.

Ugly, but also true.

In all these truth filled cases — good, bad and ugly — it will require your “logical” mind to surrender to the pure love of God, if that is you sincerely desire to awaken to His truth faster than the herd — which is certain to slowly wake up after decades of not so subtle imbedded hints and clues.

Know that the pace of your ascension has always been within your control — and if you’re reading this material it means that you are at least awake enough to begin accelerating your ascension — which is something all will have to work with on a daily basis now.

Adapt or die, right? Right.

You are free, so be freed and liv brave.

God is with us.
Terra Zetzz at 11:41:00 AM Source

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