The Creator Writings – Allow Yourself Space

by Jennifer Farley


You have a choice, my love, as always. You can hide yourself away, quaking in fear of all the ‘bad things’ or all of the hurts you may experience. You can become ‘angry in advance’ for all the wrong doing that may or may not occur. You can spend your time worrying about the things that may never happen. You could even punish yourself for mistakes that have yet to be made but, what kind of life is that?

Please, darling one, take some time to think about how you present yourself to the world. Again, it is your choice to be a good person who acknowledges that they are human and will make mistakes, own those mistakes, ask for forgiveness from yourself and others or stay mired in the negativity that you, yourself, have created. You are human and came to learn human lessons. Allow yourself the space to be. ~ Creator Source

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