Mars in Aquarius ~ “Come Together!”

When I was a young lass, my older brother worked at the local movie theater, which meant I could walk into any flick with friends and sit for free. I clearly remember at the age of twelve watching Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at least fifteen times. It wasn’t the movie that kept me coming back for more, it was the music. This obviously led me to the Beatles original sound track, an album that was released when I was one, and a vinyl that I played until the needle broke.

It matters not what side you were on in the past week, there is just no mistaking the degree of collective distress, as well as a palpable feeling of the Great Divide. I reached for teachings that might help soothe those in turmoil and the first thing that rang in my ears were the words “Come Together”.

“I know you, you know me…we got to be free” is simply the basic premise of the entire teachings of the Yogi, that George was so wholeheartedly promoting to his fellow band mates. In the Beatles lyrics,”COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW…over me” refers to the message the Yogi delivered to the band as a group that would supposedly heal the growing rift and dissension between the four members of the band and unite them as a single cohesive unit once again.

With warrior Mars now in Aquarius, it will clearly have a way of creating its own fair share of wake-up calls and shocks.It will expose the severity and extremity of our differences. It can, however, also produce enough energy to catapult us into new lands, to motivate us into making a difference and to feeling more empowered where we have felt frozen. This is no time to sit on the sidelines and watch. It is a time to find your people, a time to come together, to attempt to heal the divide.

Jupiter, the planet of truth is forming a supportive link to Saturn, the planet governing the real deal, which means a certain global reality is now staring us all straight in the face. When times of immense change disrupts our plans, whatever they may be, it can have a way of bringing people together, where resistance is removed and connection with those of like heart and mind becomes the glue that keeps us in tact.

For those who persist and for those of you who look at life and the world honestly and with lidless eyes, there will always be a way to the other side, there will always be a way up, over, and through. Do remember that in life, everything evolves.

Even if at times it feels as if there is ‘no way’, this week, your determination proves you wrong!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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