Mars Enters Aquarius ~ “Isn’t it Ironic? Don’t You Think?”

It has been a wild year to say this least, especially in our political atmosphere here in the states. It is really no coincidence that the day after the election, warrior Mars enters liberating Aquarius tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov.9, freeing us all from the chains of this turbulent insanity. But more importantly, it suggests that change is in the wind and that there will be an opportunity to bring people back together, to create community where there is division and to find common ground even within our differences. For starters, we do all share this planet. May it at least allow us all to take a breath.

Mars leaving the sign of Capricorn suggests we are pulling away from a patriarchal mindset and model, opening ourselves up to a more alternative way through. Mars in Aquarius energizes transformation and in some cases a revolution.

History will be made this day and it will symbolize a new wave of the future. May we all help it rise!

by Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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