Pluto and Mars Begin Again ~ Evolutionary Steps for the Soul!

Pluto and Mars are referred to as cosmic brothers, Pluto being the older, wiser one, and known as the planet of the Soul and Mars, the younger one and known as the ego. When these two planets are working in tandem and in harmony, there are no two more powerful planets to help support your evolutionary momentum moving forward.

Everything in life is driven by desire, and from this root, choices are made and actions are taken. Mars is the planet governing action and desire and he takes the desires that are unconscious in the Soul and makes them manifest in the world.

Mars has been closing in on Pluto all year, he also took a time out to recover karmic content in need of resolution this past spring but much of this year may have felt to be about closure and culmination, as Mars has been forming what is called a balsamic or a closing phase to Pluto. Together, they are now forming a balsalmic conjunction and tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 19, Mars will move in front of Pluto initiating a brand new chapter in the journey of your Soul.

You are standing at an evolutionary gate. Your Soul is in the process of initiating anew, while there still may feel to be some final remnants of old that need some final clearing as life is a process and nothing happens over night. Use the energy that Mars is now offering to propel you forward into your desired future with courage and might.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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