Find Your Voice ~ Mercury Enters Libra and Joins Jupiter!

Mercury reached the 29th degree of Virgo, the final degree in its sign, and then stopped to shift retrograde on Tuesday, Aug.30. The entire month of September, Mercury was either retrograde or still deep in its shadow in the final week of the month, creating irritating delays, breakdowns, and possibly the need to communicate twice or even thrice on any given subject.

For example, I took my car in for one thing to be fixed and left the place with three major things in need of repair, including the brakes. Now that sounds like Mercury putting a stop to something. The one thing I took the car in for was still not working after getting the car back, so back to the shop it went. I finally retrieved my car today. So far, so good.

Transiting Mercury will finally be out of its shadow by Friday, Oct.7, so life’s little annoyances should be clearing up by then, as Mercury will enter the sign of Libra energizing a need to bring better balance into your life on all fronts. My personal favorite hi light this week, is when Mercury joins Jupiter in Libra late on Monday, Oct.10, helping you find a way to say what has been eating away at you.

You will find your voice, and you will find just the right words to say what you need to say. It is about expressing yourself with unbridled honesty and yet finding a way to speak your truth so that it doesn’t cause another to react as it may have in the past.

Ultimately this will require you to get stronger in yourself, to step up and out of any old patterns of fear that have held you back. The past month would have shown you where you need to step in and speak up. This weekend and moving into next week, you will see an opening emerge. Take it and triumph!

Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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