New Moon in Libra ~ Strengthen Your Connections!

A New Moon in Libra on Friday, Sept. 30, opens doors for new relationships to enter your world, partnerships that may very well stand the test of time. With Saturn in Sagittarius forming an angle of ease to this lunar tide, there is also an energy in place to strengthen the connections you are already in.

Mars has just entered Capricorn, the sign that Saturn rules, and will be squaring this New Moon, so it may be necessary for you to get in the ring and fight for what you want, knowing you have an opportunity to secure commitments and contractual agreements for the long term.

Venus, the ruler for Libra, is now in Scorpio, suggesting you will not be wanting to stay on the surface but rather plunging to the depths of a feeling experience. It’s about going deep with the intention of penetrating to the center of what your Soul needs, and then finding that place of depth with another.

Find your center, know your needs, and start anew!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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