Saturn Stations Direct in Sagittarius ~ It’s About Time!!

Saturn, the planet governing time and commitments, including all things contractually binding, turned retrograde back on March 24 and will finally move direct on Friday, August 12. True forward moving progress can finally feel to be made, but the real shift won’t be felt until August 24 when Mars in Sagittarius moves in front of Saturn. It always takes a bit of time for any planet that was retro to warm up and wake up. So consider this week to be a warm up jog that has the potential to turn into a full on sprint.

A potential big decision may need to be made this week, either financially or emotionally speaking, as Saturn squares Venus on Friday, August 12 right out of the gates. You may feel uncertain in places surrounding what the future of this decisions holds, as Venus follows with an opposition to Neptune on Sunday, August 14, and the unknown hangs like a fog in your midst.

But by Monday, August 15, Venus, the planet of what you value most joins the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, a sense of feeling certainty fills the air. Venus will then form a favorable trine to Pluto, the planet of investments on a practical note, and the planet of the empowerment on a spiritual note by Wednesday, August 17. There may be some stress in places leading up to the middle of next week, but the right thing will happen, something you can feel Soul good about, landing you right where you need to be.

Trust in the steps that emerge from the sea. All will prove to be steady and clear by next week.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


Your weekly Starcast is ready!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 – Dec 21]

`sagSaturn, the planet of contracts, commitments and career, is in your sign and has been retrograde for over four months. Mars, the planet of action and desire, also spent a few months retrograde in your sign within that same window of time. No doubt you have been returning to your past, recovering pieces of you. It would have had a way of putting you back together in places so you know more honestly the whole of who you are, allowing you to move with more awareness into your future. Saturn stations direct on Friday, August 12, while squaring loving Venus on the same day, creating the feeling of pulling away from something you feel ready to leave behind. Venus then follows with an opposition to Neptune on Sunday, August 14, inducing an elusive feeling and fears of the unknown. What a difference a day makes however, as Venus pulls herself up by her own inner boot straps and joins the North Node, the symbol for your destiny and the way forward is revealed on Monday.

The prize comes when Venus continues on her journey the two days following to trine Pluto, the planet that governs other people who have the power to help you, and you get the backing you need to reach your mark, not to mention your relationships holding the promise and the power to intensify and deepen for the better!

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