New Love, New Life, New You ~ A Lunar Leo Lift Today!!

Every month, once a month we are blessed with a chance to start over, as a New Moon graces our sky. Yet each month is unique as it carries the energy of the sign that it is transiting through, along with the natural forces of what the Sun and the Moon provide.

The almighty Sun is the ruler for LEO, governing our creative life force, with the Sun energizing purpose and passion that is unique to you in your life. The Moon rules the emotional body and speaks so intimately to what you are feeling on a moment to moment basis. The Sun and the Moon are merged at the New Moon, occurring TODAY in Leo, and this allows for a radiant lift in your spirits, motivating you ever onward.

What makes this New Moon exceptionally strong, is that it is forming an anchoring angle to Saturn, the planet of stability and security, allowing something that you love to take form. This may be a creative pursuit or a love interest, but it speaks to those things that tug at you fervidly from you heart.

Mars also enters Leo’s fellow fire sign Sagittarius today which should lighten the heavies and spur you on in motivating ways to live your truth. Dip into the fire and let your desire carry the torch!

Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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