Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – July 17, 2016

A Magical Life – DailyOM

`sagYour clairvoyant abilities may be highly attuned today, and you could find yourself knowing about things before they happen. Your senses may be heightened, and your third eye could cause you to have psychic insights. You may sense people’s intentions and intuit how events may end up. Trust what you see and the information that comes to you. Visions could come to you today about a past life, or you may see images in your mind’s eye that offer answers to questions you have been pondering. You may even want to work with a deck of tarot or a pendulum. Ask yourself your questions for you have the answers. Now is the perfect time to tune into other realms and allow your soul to journey. Sit with your eyes closed and let the visions come.

Owning and tuning in to your clairvoyant abilities can add dimension to your experience of the world. There are realities that exist beyond the physical one, and your clairvoyance allows you to see into other realms, vision the past, and intuit the future. Your clairvoyance allows you to see the possibilities in the future rather than predict it. It also allows you to tune in to what exists beyond the realm of your five senses. The more you own and exercise your clairvoyance, the more powerful your clairvoyant skills will become. Tune in to the world with your clairvoyance today, and you will open yourself to a magical life.


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