A Return of Meaning & Purpose ~ Mercury and Venus Enter Leo!!

The energy has been loaded with emotional intensity in recent months with a Mars retrograde tour in Scorpio, and even now things may still be steamy with Mars recovering steps in this Soul penetrating sign. All the recent energy in Cancer has also kept us bathing in the emotions stirred up along the way, letting us know ever so clearly where those tender soft spots still remain.

However, Venus, the planet that governs those things you value most, entered passionate Leo today, July 12, and Mercury, the planet of ideas also enters Leo on Wednesday eve in the west, to inject a bit of loving inspiration when and where you need it most. This will undoubtedly get your heart going again, and serve as a warm amber light to show the way.

A Summer Full Moon in Capricorn peaks next Tuesday, July 19, on the day of my next newsletter, but I am sharing this now to give you some advance notice, in the event emotions of old make themselves known. It may reveal where you still harbor resentment or are carrying unresolved fear. Life may also feel heavy in places leading up to this full moon event.

Let this lunar tide reveal the blocks that are getting in the way of your joy and then allow Mars in Scorpio to burrow his way through, freeing up space for a desirable breakthrough!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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