Soul Searching ~ Mars Slows in Scorpio!!

Just as you cannot un-see something you have already witnessed, you cannot un-walk through a gate you have already entered nor you can you un-love someone, or your heart be un-broken. What’s done is done. With Mars’ retrograde tour through Scorpio, it would have had a way of taking you down old trails for somewhat of a forced review, which includes very key karmic turns that may very well have changed your life.

Mars slows to a stop in Scorpio and will finally station direct again on Wednesday, June 29. It may be feeling in the coming days like things cannot quite get off the ground, this being due to the fact that your Soul is making sure, sure, sure, that you have cleared what you must and have connected with the very depths of your wants, so you can get on with the business of manifesting your desires.

Allow yourself to settle into the deepest feeling you can find, before you hit the ground running. Continue to turn in this week for answers, healing and guidance. Everything you need to know can be found there.

Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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