Navigating between different states of being

by Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

natalia0At this intense time, we are navigating between different states of being as some of us have chosen to consciously integrate higher level of awareness – Sol consciousness is assisting us again to dissolve more of the old as well – and as we do so, we may fall into old traps, repeating the same of patterns until we finally find the Truth about what is still not unified within ourselves.

As Humans, it is only by repeating what is not aligned with our True Essence that we can remember again our true soul purpose and desires – finding unity where separation abided. Do not judge yourself, honor every experience as your soul keeps travelling between worlds, as different Forces collide within, savoring experience as precious and unique, while you encounter new horizons to explore, new companions to co-create with.

As we keep zigging and zagging between illusions and what is truly real and worth it for our new path, we may also find ourselves trying to force the conditions to adapt to what is familiar to our human self. Becoming present at every single moment of how our human tries to manipulates, surrendering and moving inward is essential to fully integrate and accept change in any possible form it comes to us. Remember, we are never the same, even if our human self creates this illusion, we are always shifting and so it is the reality we desire to create at every moment.

In this second part of the month, until the end of June with the culmination of the Winter/Summer Solstice, we will be within a very intense cosmic passage to finally dissolve old patterns and accept the Truth – as all the planetary events happening in the last two weeks, will be all about revealing what is still unseen to our human view and break free from all delusions.

This new frequency brings sensitivity and the gift of a deeper connection with our Unified Self/Soul/Guides Team, if we move into our inner realms and tune into our soul ancient wisdom. Its a period of deep inner contemplation and surrendering. We begin with Venus entering into Cancer on June 17, together with the second Saturn/Neptune square, followed by a second Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Summer/Winter Solstice.

The energies that we are going to integrate, anchor and stabilize are beyond what we can imagine! Gatekeepers will be busy opening portals, and anchoring this new light waves. Later, embodiment and stabilization shall come and we should always remain in the luminous Presence of our Higher Self/Soul to deal with all that this precious time will reveal to us as well as the new challenges – opportunities – that will be presented into our new journey.

All we receive at this powerful time from the Higher/Inner Realms, will be all we need to see to move forward and release the old, it is all what we are not fully seeing from our limited human perspective and that our Soul/Unified Self/Guides will show us, if we choose to break free from the limitation we impose to ourselves. This may destabilize us at some point, but we know that we are just a conduit to purify all these coming energies that need to be released, therefore, we stay centered into our Higher Hearts, knowing that it is the only way in which we can help All, by being ourselves stable, and by remaining in our natural state of bliss and peace.

Venus, the Planet of Abundance and Love, into loving and nurturing Cancer, is another message for us to embody love in all aspects of our being and lives. Venus in Cancer is creative, which together with Neptune will help us bring to life new soul creations. It is nurturing and likes to nourish not only our relationships with our loved ones, but also the first and most important one of them all – the one we maintain with our own selves. Remember that love starts by loving the person that we are, all aspects of us without any judgements, as it is only by loving, and accepting ourselves completely, that we can truly be in a relationships and give from a place of love and not dependency.

It is also a wonderful time to reconnect with our inner child, and heal old wounds that have been impeding us to fully love ourselves – issues related with abandonment, loss and all that has to deal with our core wounds. Those inner hurts are essential to heal before sharing our lives with a partner and having authentic and integrated relationships. Look within, be honest with yourself and realize if you have to dedicate more time to heal and conduct all the love you feel inside yourself and that You are, towards your own Self first.

Another important cosmic alignment happening in this same day, is the second Saturn/Neptune square on june 17. It will be a key point for us to move beyond what seems to be and find how to free ourselves from what is enslaving us, which is nothing but our own creations under false perceptions. Both Planets are formidable opposite Forces, both represent an inner aspect of ourselves that if polarized, can lead us to extremes and imbalances. Our task is to conduct these energies into a balance, finding unity within and into our physical lives, instead of fragmentation and chaos.

While Saturn rules the material world, inviting us to be disciplined and build secure structures into our physical world. Neptune, the Dreamer, the one who transcends what is tangible and has form in order to dive deep into the depths of our being, into the ethereal, that which is not seen with our physical eyes but is as important as what we can physically touch.

Both Planets, in their opposite nature, create the perfect equilibrium, we are the ones now who have to also create this same harmony of these different powers that also reside within us by merging them as One. Cosmic Forces do not dictate our reality, neither they limit who we are. We are responsible for all the limitations we impose to ourselves as well as we are also powerful beyond measure to transform all this, see the Truth and start living in possibility.

At this time, we can also tend to remain in our past, as we visit what our human self has long been hidden, as it refuses to accept what Is. let it be. Do not judge the perfect Divine order of things that knows best. Accept those feelings as a part of who you are and transcend this duality by remembering that it is only by living into our hearts and see the wisdom that lies in there that we can free ourselves from fears and keep expanding within our true purpose.

Sometimes it is when we revisit the old that we can really acknowledge what should be shifted, and then, it is never something we should fear, but a blessing for us to recognize the pain – not be afraid of our feelings, but transcending them with a higher understanding and compassion for ourselves.

Be gentle with yourself, honor, savor every single moment, relationship and experience, not with human judgments but with the love that your soul possesses for All, to be able to fully enjoy them all. Integrate its valuable knowledge, remember your True path and do not remain in the past, it is not here and now anymore, you are never the same, neither the companions that you still may be attached to. Move forward with love to everything and everyone that has enriched your path until this moment – expecting nothing but the purity and miracles of what is yet to come.

In love and light always,
Natalia Alba


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