``OphiuchusElement: Ether
Principle: Feminine
Colours: Purple, Silver & black

As requested I am now submitting Ophiuchus Updates, these are based on Ophiuchus’s Vibration and what Planets/Points are connecting with her and what they represent. These updates are also based on what guidance she is giving to us, to help us deal with, or make the most of, when it comes to the transiting planetary vibrations. Since she governs all the other star signs, it is only fair that we allow her to speak as her essence is vital to our psychological well being as well as our health and our children’s future.

Morbid fears, anxiety, and negative psychic influences are bombarding our Earth, the vibes are harsh and many of us will be picking up on these vibrations unconsciously and spreading them around like wild fire. This vibration hitting the Earth affects our psychological well being and it is a must that we turn these negative energies into positivity through meditation, faith and prayer.

We must not isolate ourselves or be fearful of the future, we must live in the present and deal with the present only. Although the planets are taking us back to the past, we must not live there! But look at it, analyse it, bless it love and move on. The only way we can do this is by working towards reaching a higher state of consciousness and Ophiuchus is here to show us the way. Over sensitivity and a lack of inspiration is designed to hold us back from reaching a lighter state of consciousness, as its aim is to keep us wallowing in this oppressive energy that surrounds us like a deep thick fog, it needs us to reside there, so that it can feed and grow stronger and more powerful.

We must not rely too much on luck and faith, but put in the effort by working on our core strength, we can do this by meditating on our solar plexus to strengthen our main Chakra Point, which is our Gut. Hence the sayings, gut instinct, gut reaction and feeling gutted.

Ophiuchus understands how it feels to lack joy in life, she also understands how it feels to receive the backlash of other people’s fears and insecurities and how important it is to stand strong in a time of bleak reality. None of us are untouchable, and Ophiuchus is an important example because these very issues cost her, her pride, her dignity and her faith in humanity. Let us repay her by heeding her advice, because regardless of all that she has suffered at the hands of man, she is still faithful and loyal to her cause.


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