Expand Your Consciousness, Raise It And Hold It Steady

by Eileen Caddy – Weekly Guidance – Findhorn Foundation


Great changes are to take place in the world all around you but you must keep your mind stayed on Me and allow none of these outer events to affect you. Changes are taking place deep within you all the time but these are spiritual changes, which cannot be affected by the outer changes. Expand your consciousness, raise it until nothing outside you can touch you or affect you and there hold it steady. Always seek the answer from within. If you listen to everything you hear or accept everything you read at this time, you will be completely lost and utterly bewildered. Every soul must learn to turn within and there find the answer. I have warned you these are times of great testing for all humankind, a time of purifying and cleansing until nothing but the purest gold is left. You must know what you are doing and where you are going, otherwise you will allow yourself to be blown around by every wind of change and will become like a barometer which has become unstable and out of control and is useless because it no longer reads true.


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