New Moon in Gemini ~ Express Yourself, With Love!

Once a month, every month, we are blessed with a New Moon in the sky, to grace us with an energy to wipe a certain slate clean and start anew. It is a wonderful time for ‘wishing upon a star’, and for sending our wishes and wants out into the ethers to be received by the universal giant.

This coming Saturday, June 4, we will granted an extra special energy, as a New Moon in Gemini is joined by Venus, the planet of giving, loving and sharing, joined at the exact same degree. This in and of itself speaks to good feeling vibes but as it squares Neptune and opposes Saturn, it will also be a time for getting real versus feeding illusions that can never be.

With Mars now retrograde in penetrating Scorpio, the depths of your desires will be making themselves known. Let your body tell you what needs to be voiced, and it will have a way of keeping all of those involved in the clear.

You can express yourself with love, even if the message you intend to send cuts to the quick of an issue. There is beautiful room for resolution and for evolution, if you can step in and speak from a space that holds your purest intentions.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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