The Oracle Report – Friday, May 20 – Sunday, May 22, 2016

by Laura Walker

oracle-report– Friday: Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, magic

– Saturday & Sunday: Full Moon Phase: revelations, clarity

– Skill: dive beneath the surface for objectivity

– True Alignments: enlarged perspective, idealism, reflection on hopes/wishes/dreams, drawn toward something, rewards, piercing the veil, out of the ordinary, safe, reverie

– Catalysts for Change: avoidance, putting up barriers, wanting guarantees, exaggeration, seeking glory for glory’s sake, not using common sense, blinded to something, struggling

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a symbolic battle between swords and torches” (the might of light, becoming enlightened to something, tearing down old paradigms)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending difficulties)

Several different (but interrelated) energetics are in motion over the next few days. Here is a run down:

Friday is an interesting day in that we will almost have a repeat of it on Tuesday, May 24. On Tuesday, Venus and Mars will be in opposition at the same degrees where the Sun and Earth are today.

FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2016 – On Friday, the Sun is located at “a glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.” This energetic enables us to objectively see things that are not usually visible or apparent. This comes about from a rather detached perspective, with some safety between us and what’s below. What we see is not necessarily “negative” or disruptive, just filled with wonderment or amazement. In other words, it is a sight to behold. We can see beauty just as much as we can see sea monsters (of the psyche).

On Friday, the Earth is located at “retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories.” The Resonance Principle is in effect bringing like-minded people together. There is a tendency to look back at the with nostalgia, often glossing over the “bad” and emphasizing the “good.” Reflecting enables us to do things a different way.


Themes, events, circumstances, situations, and developments that occur today will in some way recur or be revisited Tuesday, when Venus and Mars come to these same degrees. It is a good idea to note or journal today to compare Tuesday.

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2016 – At 10:52 am ET/2:52 pm UT, the Black Moon will leave Libra and enter Scorpio, where it will transit until Valentine’s Day 2017. The day a planet (especially an outer planet or the planetary anomaly called the Black Moon) changes signs can be intense. It can feel like the ground beneath us has shifted, knocking us off kilter a bit.

The themes of the Black Moon in the polarity of Scorpio (issues with loss) and Taurus (issues with security) now come into focus for rebirth. The Black Moon will attempt to help us solve and relive these things.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, but was originally ruled by Mars. Scorpio gets a bad rap most of the time because it can carry a great deal of anger and aggression, and can go very deep and get very ugly. In astrology, Pluto and Scorpio rule the 8th House, the house of the underworld.

Ultimately, Pluto and Scorpio transform in the deepest ways. This is what we can expect over the next nine months.

Over the last nine months, the Black Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus and Eris) brought harmony and unity. Certainly, the collective of humanity came together in new and unprecedented ways during the Black Moon’s transit through Libra.

Now it’s time for transformation. And it is a major transformation, as the overarching theme for this solar-lunar (natural) year is transcending the past, transcending worries and difficulties, and transcending the crumbling Archontic power and control system.

In the current trend of exits, with the “Brexit” and possibly the “Texit,” humanity, as a fellowship and en masse, will have a “Matrexit” — an exit from the matrix — during the Black Moon in Scorpio.

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2016 – 5:14 pm ET/9:14 pm UT – The Full Moon phase enters while the Moon is conjunct Mars. This means the Full Moon phase will be fiery!

The themes involved with the Full Moon phase are 1) gifts – seeing our gifts, accepting our gifts, sharing our gifts, and giving, and 2) wishes – making them and fulfilling them.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun (which is what enables the light of a Full Moon, let us not forget), will be discharging the energetic of 02 Gemini and “Santa Claus filling stockings furtively” (secretly, stealthily). This is where we get the “gifts” and “wishes” components of the Full Moon’s themes.

The flip side of this Full Moon is much greater potential for deception, hiding things, and trying to get away with something.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon and Mars will be discharging the energetic of 02 Sagittarius and “the ocean covered with whitecaps.” THE NEED TO DIVE UNDERNEATH MAY ARISE. Things can get very choppy when this Sabian symbol energetic is activated. Honesty and dishonesty often come into play. This is where we get the “deceptions” and “hidden” components of the Full Moon’s themes.

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2016 – MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT at 9:20 am ET/1:20 pm UT. Praise be! Interpersonal communications, telecommunications, electronics, travel, and our thinking processes are released from the massive revision and realignment that Mercury retrograde endeavored to accomplish. Mercury retrograde reworked things. Now they can begin to move forward and make progress.

The day a planet moves – stations retrograde/direct or moves into a new sign — is always intense because a sling shot effect happens. Both Saturday and Sunday have these characteristics.

So this weekend could be quite eventful with the Black Moon, Mercury, and a heck of a Full Moon in effect. Emotions always run higher during Full Moons.
I would say “forewarned is forearmed,” but we need not view this weekend as something to battle. A “battle” IS happening at higher levels of consciousness this month, and the Full Moon always brings the peak of that. Our job in this is to maintain equilibrium — keep it together and act like a sane human being. Spiritual warriors dive deeply when the times call for it. This weekend may be one of those times. Dive under the choppy surface and find the place of calm. From here we can see and act objectively.
Happy Full Moon, everyone!

I am writing a combined report to cover upcoming energetics, and it is taking a little longer. The report should be ready by 10:00 am ET.

Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

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