The Heat is On ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius!!

Life isn’t always an easy ride, especially when we need to stare at something all the way into the very center of it. It can be so easy to rationalize someone’s behavior or even our own actions if it protects us from piercing the veil of illusion. Leave it to a Full Moon in Sag this Saturday, May 21, while conjunct a retrograde Mars to deliver hot and heated circumstances that reveal someone’s actual intentions versus what at first appeared to be a totally different story.

The truth does hurt when it is not in line with what we want, but it helps to see things clearly, allowing the Soul to get a move on. We are still in the throws of a retrograde spin, which will take us all back to peruse the past where we skipped over some key findings.

MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT this weekend, to help you feel secure in laying a strong foundation for your plans moving forward. It will be a day, following a potentially intense full moon, where you can strongly pivot in a more solid and secure direction. You will come to realize after the dusts settles, that you needed to be taken through a certain storm in order to come out the other side changed for the better!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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