Embracing TRUTH

by Karen Doonan

karen-doverWithin the old earth we are continually conditioned to deny reality, we are conditioned repeatedly to accept that which is unfolding around us is something that is happening “to” us and in doing so we are conditioned to deny that which is inside of us.  For many people at this time the unfolding of the decay of the old earth is a challenging and at times frightening picture and yet it was never TRUTH, the decay of the old earth is not something that has just happened over the past few years or even decades. It has always been there, the level of denial internally within the human race itself has kept it hidden in plain view.
As our Heavenly Father begins to call His Children home in TRUTH then more and more will be shown, it has always been there, it has merely been hidden by the conditioning that the human logical mind undergoes within the old earth construct.  The human logical mind is a powerful tool that is hijacked repeatedly by darkness. Plant a small seed and it will grow, a comment, a look, all to trigger the internal emotional residue that does all the rest.  So long have the human race undergone this conditioning that many are lost in the labyrinth of the human mind itself.  We are not asked to think our way out of the old earth construct, we are asked to accept that which we continually have denied to ourselves.

With the acknowledgement of that which is inside of us illuminated then we can do the work to release the emotional residue. Until the moment of illumination we are trapped in a merry go round of thoughts and “ifs and buts” which do nothing other than keep us in neutral.  Our human vehicles require to be in “drive”  and not in “neutral”. It is indecision, the inability to choose that keeps many in the human logical mind, searching for the “answer”. There is no “answer” as such, ALL JUST IS, that which the human logical mind demands is an absolute. So many people are trapped in the emotional residue of making a “wrong” decision that no decision is ever arrived at.

Our power to be released from the emotional bondage of the old earth is our ARRIVAL, it is not our departure, to arrive at the space that sees us accept that that which we have been conditioned to believe is life is a lie. ALL is a lie within the old earth, there is no part that is TRUTH hence it is now decaying rapidly. It is held together by the fear of the human race, the fear of course triggered repeatedly, always forcing the human race back into the human logical mind and the absolutes.

Life in TRUTH is not absolute, we as human beings are not absolute, we are flawed for we are human, there is no “wrong” or “right” answer to the question because the question does not exist in the old earth. In order to answer why we were created we must surrender to that which is not TRUTH, to let go of all that we have ever been conditioned to accept and surrender to Christ. It is through our Salvation which is an active, ongoing process that we then begin to be shown physically who we are in TRUTH. This is never found in our human logical mind and is never found through attempting to validate who we are through those around us.
We are moving more fully into the full unfolding of the decay of a world that does exist, a world that is a fabrication and that has kept the human race enslaved to their minds, to their self, in order to keep them out of their heart space and disconnected from TRUTH.  TRUTH JUST IS, it is not found in the old earth, it is found through the heart space, by full surrender to wider creation through the Salvation that is found in Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Karen X
2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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