The Oracle Report – Friday, April 15, 2016

by Laura Walker

oracle-reportUPDATE: 9:05 am ET

– First Quarter Moon Phase: step out of comfort zone; take action

– Moon in Leo (Grand Trine with Mars, Venus, and Saturn)

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, Goddess Who Expands the Mind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

– Skill: release something and feel free, “reborn,” or transcendental

– True Alignments: including others in decisions, the good for all, following the Golden Rule, taking a stand with something, assessing outcomes, clarity, rising above or beyond, expressions of love, restoring balance, the spiritual revolution, making space or allowances

– Catalysts for Change: violent expression, outbursts, impulsivity, mood swings, lies, stealing, projecting anger or other feelings onto others, feelings of loss, desire to escape reality, power struggles, control issues, feeling things are futile

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month and Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcend)

The astrological aspects highlighted in yesterday’s report remain posted below. It is probably a good idea to re-read that report, to refresh yourself with the knowledge. Today is all about doing just that – refreshing things, bringing new life to them. This is the Black Moon’s specialty.

Today transforms things from one way or state of being into another. It goes beyond the bounds to restore balance and alignment. It empowers.

The shadow side is strong today. Words and actions can come from the darkest places. Shadow sides are fueled by the belief in separation from All That Is, which produces fears. Fear can be a strong motivator when the Sun makes opposition with the Black Moon, as it is doing today. If “drama” begins to spin up around you, step back and examine the real issue: where is fear showing up or presenting? Upon further contemplation, it is likely that we see that the fear is superficial (ego-based) and not rooted in anything real. It was trying to take us off course.

At High Noon in the Eastern time zone, the Black Moon will move to 27 Aries and the Sabian symbol energetic of “an airplane flies high in the clear sky.” Black Moon transits are very much like the myth of the Flight of the Phoenix. The fiery phoenix falls to the ground in a blaze, only to be reborn from the smoldering ashes. The phoenix always rises. Today is like this story. We may feel like we or thing are falling to the ground or crashing, but actually they are being reorganized and revitalized. This day forges steel from iron. The energetics of the Black Moon take us on a face to face encounter with our shadow sides, but it always rewards us for looking. We come out of this energetic rising “high into the clear sky.” It bodes well.

Clear sailing through the shadows today, everyone.

(Note: Yesterday’s earthquake in Japan provides more evidence of the Electric Universe theory, forwarded by Jim McCanney. When the Sun and a planet are conjunct or in opposition, a line or “current” is activated. This is happening with the Sun and the Black Moon (or Black Sun) in opposition. Other geologic events could spark today.)

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