The Creator Writings – Triggers

by Jennifer Farley

creator93My dearest child; there will be days when you come face to face with your ‘triggers’.  As unpleasant as they can be it is important for you to remain in the moment, to identify and understand them.  Whether it be the way someone speaks to you, a sight or smell, they have been placed there (and you draw them to you) to practice self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.  Rather than responding immediately, take a breath and a moment to see it for what it truly is….a beautiful moment of growth. ~ Creator Source

2 thoughts on “The Creator Writings – Triggers

  1. We draw them to us? I thought we are all interconnected? The shadows are living past lives trying to drag us down into their grave. Past lives we survived and overcame being used to suck us dry, distort our narratives into washed out abstracts. These positive psychology quotes would clear a rapist and blame the survivor. What were we doing to attract them? Existing. Triggers. Like positive psychology in the name of mass surveillance? That’s not a trigger its a shame. Selling out us daughters again huh? That went didn’t go very well the first time. Wives into prostitutes. Agreements into thefts. Perhaps there is an outrage at the underlying issue behind each trigger that never found justice and the real lesson is that the universe will have it regardless to any of us. Some of our energies roam with excess. Given or taken. Some of our energies roam with a deficit. Given or taken. But the size of the excess and/or deficit is directly proportional to its relationship with the size of the cell itself. Every one of us experiences comfort just as every one of us experiences suffering. The rate, however, establishes the capacity of ones cell. A life of great joy has a great cell and is capable of great suffering. A life of little joy has a little cell and is incapable to carry loads of great suffering. We all can chose, to give someone our energy, or to take from someone else’s. Just as we can do both without making a choice, such as a newborn wakes parents leaving them restless without ever asking to be born. The waves and ripples on the webs of life are capable of many shapes, so an assumption is made that these shapes are separate entities, rather than acknowledging the tides of the flowing universe as true facts that exist within each of us.

    There is a growing trend toward unsolicited harvesting of our energies on a massive scale. Vultures of culture, if you will. I don’t know the traditions of my blood line nor have I ever had access to the languages at home, but I know this to be true for the human family.

    Language rebuilding and reconstructions projects should be led internally by each tribe to prevent exchanges in meaning from occurring during translations.

    Example: Yahweh became Jesus. Prophet(profit) became the sun/son.

    Sharing freely our energy is more powerful than when taken so the harvest depletes itself! Taking all of us with it…

    Except the unplugged ones.
    Soveirgnty is a birthright cornerstone of this nation and we didn’t put it up for sale, we didn’t petition our government for such measures, we were only informed defacto.

    Language is powerful and the politics and economy divided it giving each word its own meaning. But who cares? If you are soveirgn you are not obligated to either. You have Theron your own right to self determination, even if you should choose, collectively.

    I’ve been punished any time I display self determination. I’ve taken the punishments to express my soveirgnty. I’ve challenged the status quo in order to make people talk and ask themselves questions. I take breaks because I am one of those great cells. I give away too much, they take what’s left over and I rest. Every winter for 3 years.

    Homage to the 3 deacons of Leo. My work is done in that series of books. I am ready for a new knowledge set. I apologise if you didn’t catch me when my cell was full of light, but the darkness had to fill in order to be washed clean. Conformity is not the same as collaboration.

    It never was.


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