The Oracle Report – Saturday, March 5 – Sunday March 6, 2016

by Laura Walker

oracle-report– Balsamic Moon Phase: prepare the field of consciousness for the new

– Moon in Capricorn

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

– Skill: watch for signs and synchronicities (they are giving important messages); find humor, fun, or wisdom in situations

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (important information offered by Spirit)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of human consciousness)

The OR will return Monday, but in the meantime, please enjoy the New moon in Pisces overview recorded Yesterday.

Note: As mentioned, throughout this solar-lunar year, I have mentioned many pieces of music. What music has inspired and informed your Year of the Music of the Spheres? We are compiling a Playlist, for posterity. It will be part of the Records of the Wise Owls – those who foresaw Second Renaissance and proceeded to build it. Here’s a form to send yours in:

(Fun note: Last August, the Oracle Academy website that was being constructed was hacked into and dismantled. A lot goes on behind the scenes here at Oracle Report, needless to say. That domain is compromised. After a long waiting period, this morning the Wisdom Goddesses sent a large white dove bearing a message directing me to obtain the domain Long, but precise. I follow orders from headquarters and immediately did so, even without checking the astrology. Much to my delight, as I began today’s report, it soon became clear how perfect the timing was for such a thing. Happy day and happy birthday to the Oracle Report Academy! Look for announcements and recordings here at Oracle Report over the next few days.)

Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

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