Astrology for the Soul February 24, 2016

by Kaypacha Lescher
Published on Feb 24, 2016

May I know the source of what,
Appears within my mind,
And only act upon that which,
My heart and soul align.

Wow, so much to say with so little time haha! Good thing all this Pisces is going on for a month and can go into it some more… there really is no end to Pisces, Neptune and the 12 house! We can consider this Pisces/Virgo axis the axis of crisis, and we may all be dealing with some crisis over this period of time. The purpose of crisis (which of course the Soul creates), is slap us back into Reality when we are hum dumming along in la la land….. yikes!

I will probably go into the victim/martyr aspect of this axis a little deeper in future reports but just mention now that that consciousness is a response to crisis that we don’t want to take responsibility for creating, it is a cop out. I know it can be a bitter pill to swallow that we are creating these messes unconsciously, but hey, that’s how we learn! Let’s not forget that the Soul which goes from lifetime to lifetime, is not really as attached to anything as much as the ego is and a crisis to the ego can be a mosquito bite (not Zike!) to the Soul. The sooner we get in touch with and hang out there a lot easier life will be! Injoy!

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