Get it Right ~ Nodes Station Today!

The Transiting Nodes, the symbols that look like horse shoes in the astrological chart, symbolize your past and your future, and are separated by 180 degrees. Currently, the transiting South Node is in Pisces, and the North Node is in Virgo, and they are stopped in the sky, suggesting something from the past is trying to be released, to close, culminate or heal.

In order for that release to occur, inner adjustments must be made, those emotional obstacles of doubt must also be abolished.

The natural motion of the Transiting Nodes is retrograde versus direct, because as Souls, we are always referring to the past, in order to create a better future for ourselves.

The Nodes will move direct on Thursday, Feb. 25, until March 11, when they reverse to their natural retrograde motion, this shift occurs right in the middle of eclipse season, symbolizing an about face, and a turn on your heels trend, to initiate a life path of promise.

Today and Tomorrow, expand your view of the road ahead, and then find what needs to be fixed right now, so that ideal picture has a chance to manifest. ~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

kristin64Your weekly Starcast is ready!

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