Considering Self-Projection.. In What You See In Others

Remember, when you say something about somebody else, the first thing to be thought and pondered over is that it may be a truth about yourself and not about the other. The person who is really interested in self-knowledge will always ponder over the fact: “What I am saying about the other, is it truly about the other, or is it just a projection of me and shows something about me and not about the other?” And you will be surprised: out of a hundred cases, ninety-nine percent you will find to be your own mind.
But the mind is very cunning – it projects. It always uses a kind of transference.

For example, if you are sexually repressed and you see a couple hugging, caressing each other, you immediately jump at them and you start talking of morality, culture, society, and all that, and you start saying, “This is not right.” But watch. Have a little insight into your own being as to what really is happening. You have a repressed sexuality. Seeing them in a deep, loving embrace, your sexuality that is repressed starts surfacing. It becomes stirred, and you become afraid of it.

Rather than accepting the fear of it, rather than looking into and watching it, rather than doing something about it, you become angry. Fear becomes anger when transferred; fear takes the form of anger. You become angry at the couple, and they are not doing anything to you!


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