Here is a writing worth repeating and remembering if you find someone to help with your healing, but then don’t like what you hear. This happens a lot and anger erupts. But later, you often use their medicine and realize the anger was with self. –Jim Graywolf Petruzzi
and you find a real one
do not expect him to entertain you
with magical passes
His art is to provoke your demons;
Those that you well guards, justify,
deny and attribute to “another” …
If you go looking for a shaman, prepare yourself
for an undressing with his words,
know that he will anger you with his silence
Be alert when he exasperates you
with his brutal honesty.
Go prepared for battle …
the worst Battle: the battle with yourself.
“Whoever has magic does not need tricks”.
–Author unknown

LOOKING FOR A SHAMANTruth.. It is the choice we make when we continue to live in shadow, by feeding the dark wolf! Many will tell us just what we want to hear.. But, she or he who is guided by spirit as a hollow bone .. MAY just share with us; Truth.. which we may or may not be prepared to hear!

As the elder often speaks in parable, one is left with only hints as to which direction to journey, I have learned that it is often wrong to lead one off of her or his chosen path as that is the lesson they have chosen to learn at that stage of their life.. It would be a robbery of sorts! A’ho –Spiritual Warrior; Wise OwL Medicine

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