The Oracle Report – Monday, February 15, 2016

by Laura Walker

oracle-report– First Quarter Moon Phase: step forward, take action

– Moon in Gemini

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Gentle Breeze

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

– Skill: hold simplicity within the complexity

– True Alignments: cooperation, sailing through troubles, team building, new chances, flowers as a remedy, refreshed, recognizing consequences, beauty, creativity, symbolism, revelations, seeing a path forward, fairy tales and other stories/myths that teach, letting go of darkness, imagination

– Catalysts for Change: evading the truth, struggles, over-reliance on others to decide, insensitive to others, self-sacrifice, fear of change, valuing based only on functionality or efficiency, reacting from base instinct/base emotion, feeling of emptiness (the inner child may be seeking expression or bringing up forgotten talents or interests)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (signs and information, peace)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

Today, the Sun advises us to keep things simple, but complex energetics make that a little bit of a challenge.

The Sun is discharging the energy of 27 Aquarius and the Sabian symbol of “an ancient pottery bowl filled with violets.” This images simplicity and purity in an innocent form. The bowl is formed by human hands using the elements of the Earth. It tells us to keep things simple, and it also inclines us toward beauty.

Additionally, as we are experiencing the Return of Wisdom, ancient sources of wisdom call to us. Books or information on esoteric subjects may come back across your mind or path, so we want to follow our intuition and follow any signs that recall this kind of material.

Within the overall theme of keeping things simple, two sophisticated dynamics are also occurring today:

1- TRANSITION: The Earth is located at “daybreak – the luminescence of dawn in the Eastern sky” and Mars is located at “a rabbit transformed into a fairy[elemental].” Both symbols imply changes — changes from one state to another. Mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ideas, or just about anything may be in heavy transition or evolution. This is a stage in the process of enlightenment, which is a process of becoming more aware of the nature of reality.

Furthering the mission of enlightenment (that is strong through the end of the solar-lunar year on April 6), today we also have slow-moving Neptune moving to the 10th degree of Pisces and the symbol of “an aviator in the clouds.” Neptune is the planet that connects us with Spirit, and the dissemination of this symbol’s energetic greatly helps with becoming enlightened to things that we need to see and know as we approach the end of the solar-lunar year. This energetic can take us (and things with which we are involved) to the highest level so that we can see way above and beyond our normal ability to view and conceive plans for the future.

Flying through cloud cover requires the use of instruments, and Neptune is providing the “instruments” we need to transition and transcend. We are paying close attention to signs and messages this month with the theme of “a large white dove bearing a message,” and Neptune will amplify the frequency and strength of them.

2- REMOVAL: Mercury disseminates the energy of “a deserter from the navy,” bringing up thoughts about leaving, opting out, or outright rebellion. The Wisdom Goddess Matangi is doing her clean sweep of the situations and circumstances that have become fallow or shallow. Most likely, these are things that do not hold up under the new energetic’s that this solar-lunar year (“the music of the spheres” or electro-magno-harmonico – like that? – that is raising and re-tuning human consciousness back into alignment with wisdom, sanity, and the value of life). This means that the things that are degrading or dissolving because they are not in alignment with the highest and best of ourselves and of humanity take a hit today. The energy is designed to remove what is difficult.

Venus is activating the energy of “a woman reading tea leaves,” which enhances our ability to “read” the future, which often brings a catalyst for a change in the present.

As we hold a mindset of simplicity today, we also look within the complexity of the questions What is trying to transform? and What is does today reveal about the future? Reviewing this report at the end of the day may bring those answers together very simply.

Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

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