by Karen Doonan

karen-doverAs we now move more fully into the full evolution process the doorways that are required to be walked through will now illuminate fully.  In order to move out of the old earth construct we must allow the influx of higher frequency bandwidths in order to trigger the full release of the old earth distorted frequency bandwidths.

The old earth construct will continue to seek to teach that there are many different routes to step out of said old earth construct.  The construct itself is designed to loop back on itself, continually triggering any and all emotional residue that said construct continually harvests from.  It is vital therefore to release the emotional residue in order that the pathways can fully illuminate. For many this is challenging as the human logical mind will attempt to adhere to the patterns and definitions it has stored in relation to life within the old earth construct itself.  We are taught repeatedly to become “creatures of habit”, indeed as we grow and age within the human vehicle the routines become more and more rigid, what we may have stepped into when we are in our twenties will seem to be reckless when we reach our forties and beyond.

This is how the construct seeks to contain and suppress our movement and it is to be acknowledged that there is no “easy” way to step out of routine and pattern.  Indeed walking to the very edges of the frequency bandwidths that come up for release is to be face to face with deep pattering that has been running unconsciously since we were first born.  For many people this presents what is akin to a brick wall with the human logical mind attempting to teach there is no way forward, no exit point and yet when we reach this optical illusion the doorway is standing right in front of us.

At this time we are given strength to keep momentum, the old earth construct will attempt to slow down the moment at all moments, the brakes being applied internally when we assume that what we are being presented with is out with any “previous” experience.  Further self policing is activated through those around us who may attempt to prevent us from the movement which is building internally as they are often running very similar patterns. It is to be acknowledged that the old earth construct distorted frequency bandwidths are designed to react this way, this is how the human race have been contained for eternity.

Connection to Christ is an active doorway, it works to help support us as we release the hurt, the pain and trauma that we have experienced in its various forms within the old earth construct. We do not require to step into more ritual and doctrine, this is the manifestation of the “religion construct” that seeks to contain at further levels. YHWY is not asking us to adhere to complex ritual at any moment. Our connection to Christ is through our heart space, to accept that we can no longer fight a construct that is designed to harvest the frustration that this stance manifests. We are asked to surrender to the evolution process itself, to stand fully in the Armor of GOD and to hand over all frustration and emotional distress to Christ and remain steadfast in our faith that we ARE in an evolution process and that we are fully protected at all moments of all moments.

Faith is not something that can ever be easily explained, many dismiss it as “wishful thinking” but faith is the physical experience of the impossible dissolving to become possible. Those who have had first hand physical experience of the power of Christ will always be challenged by those who refuse to move out of the logical human mind. We must give permission to ourselves internally to allow this movement.  It is simply not possible to remain within a construct that is now fully dissolving.  The peace that many shout for has to be anchored internally before it can be experienced at a physical waking outer level.

We cannot find peace whilst wrestling with the doubts and triggering of emotional residue within a construct that was designed to separate, divide and harvest. We are in the end of times, the human life experience is now evolving past where it has ever gone before and this of course will trigger fear where there is internal emotional residue from any experience where this emotional reaction was manifest.  Although the human life experience within the old earth construct manifests fear within our human vehicle this does not make the fear TRUTH, it is the manifestation of an experience that is by design.

We can no longer fuel our human life experience through anger, fear or distress at any level, this simply strengthens the internal prisons that are created within our human vehicle. View fear as the locked door which the human logical mind refuses to open and yet the word fear is merely the optical illusion that prevents what is in TRUTH no door from dissolving fully.

As the frequency bandwidths now come up for release we are asked to understand that the jailor that many are externalizing in the form of corporations and shadows are in TRUTH internal belief structures that are now beginning to topple internally.  We may well have built what our human logical mind defines as a human life experience but this does not make it TRUTH at any level. As only TRUTH can be used as a foundation all that is not TRUTH will now release. Attempting to force a scenario, a way of living or a belief is to stand within an optical illusion for within wider creation all flows in harmony. As this is not the experience that is had within the old earth construct this will at first seem too good to be but TRUTH JUST IS regardless of whether we can accept it, see it or even acknowledge it.

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.


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